nügg Beauty Face Masks are formulated using innovative Natural Oil Dispersion Technology which utilizes physical properties, not chemicals to create powerful, yet gentle skincare. Natural Oil Dispersion Technology eliminates the need for using chemical emulsifiers to bind natural oil and water by using a proprietary high pressure process which produces a stable dispersion of an oil phase in a water phase resulting in small enough particles that can deliver powerful natural oils and actives to the skin. All nügg products such as exfoliating face mask, hydrating face mask, depuff eye mask, lip mask, soothing mask, anti aging mask, deep cleansing mask and so on contain over 90% natural or naturally derived ingredients.

nügg contains: NO chemical emulsifiers, NO fragrances, NO synthetic colors, NO petrochemicals, NO parabens

We do not test our products on animals. We use various in-vitro methods to establish the safety profile of the ingredients used in our products. Our individual cups are made of PETG and are recyclable.


Commonly, chemical surfactants/emulsifiers are used in skincare formulations to mix oil and water; these ingredients weaken the skin barrier function and remove important and needed oils from the skin; this can cause damage such as skin irritation, loss of water from skin, dryness, redness and premature aging. Damage to the skin's barrier also lowers protection from allergens, irritants and UV light.


Natural Oil Dispersion Technology uses physical properties, not chemicals to create skincare; a proprietary high pressure/high shear process produces a stable dispersion of an oil phase in a water phase resulting in small enough particles that can deliver powerful tailored actives into the skin without the use of damaging chemical emulsifiers.


Natural and gentle skincare, yet still highly effective products with powerful natural oils and active ingredients with much smaller particle size that can be delivered to the skin without breaking down the natural skin barrier

  • Less ingredients
  • Less chemicals
  • Ultimate safety and protection of the skin's natural barrier

We also fill our face masks into individual single-serve capsules to keep the product fresh until use and to minimize oxidation. This is important because oxygen that gets in touch with the products can work to reduce the effectiveness of the oils which can happen when the product is filled into multi-use jars.