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Which face mask is right for my skin type?


Here is a general outline for skin types and which masks we suggest:

Aging/Mature Skin - Anti-Aging Mask, Revitalizing Mask, Exfoliating Face Mask, De-Stress Mask, Eye Masks

Dry Skin - Hydrating Face Mask, Soothing Mask, Exfoliating Face Mask, Deep Cleansing Mask

Dull Skin - Revitalizing Mask, Exfoliating Face Mask, Hydrating Face Mask

Sensitive Skin and Combination Skin - Deep Cleansing Mask, Soothing Mask

Normal Skin – Deep Cleansing Mask, Exfoliating Face Mask, De-Stress Mask, Hydrating Face Mask

With our nugg Rx packs, we also offer a very simple and convenient way to give different skin types an intense boost in just four days with an easy to follow regime (check them out here).

Should I use the entire content of one pod? It seems like a lot of product for one use.

We often hear people stating that the pod is filled with enough product for multiple uses. Typically, we do recommend that you use the entire content of one pod for one use. This is because the thick gel layer that you are forming on your skin forms a barrier that helps drive ingredients into the skin which will give you the best results. 

The exception to this rule is when you use our hydrating face mask, soothing mask or de-stress face mask as sleep masks or as a protective, nourishing layer under your foundation. In that case, you should only apply a thin layer to your skin.

What to do with leftover products?

If you do end up with any leftovers after using one of our masks, tape up the lid and place the pod in a zip-lock bag so that the remaining content stays fresh. Use the remaining product within two days. You can also apply any leftover product to your neck, hands, or feet for a pampering treatment in those areas as well.

Why use gel masks versus sheet masks?

There are many different forms of mask styles offered for different preferences. We decided to focus on gel masks which have a rich, gel-like consistency and get applied in a thick layer so that the gel forms a barrier on your skin to help drive ingredients into your skin (in the case of a sheet mask, the sheet material is that barrier). We prefer gel face masks for many reasons, here are the main ones:

  • We are all about unbeatable value for money and chose to invest into the ingredients and formulas themselves instead of into “carrier systems” like sheets.
  • Our gel masks do not slip so you can cook, dance, continue with your day! Our masks will stay in place as you live your life.
  • Our gel masks are easy to massage into your skin making Lymphatic Drainage simple + effective! Learn how here.
  • Our gel masks allow you to not only treat your face but also your neck, décolleté, hands, feet, elbows and – in the case of the soothing mask – any parts of the skin that get exposed to the sun, the wind or the cold. We don’t want you to be limited to just areas that get covered by a sheet!
  • Gel masks allow you to multi-mask! That is important because not all areas of your face need the same type of treatment.

Should I use a facial mask? And if so, when?

Masks are perfect for all women (and men), no matter age or skin type. Facial Masks offer intensive yet simple skin treatments to address different skin issues and to give your skin a boost. They are also a pampering experience which makes them a treat for your skin and mind alike.

Here are some examples for when at-home face masks are perfect to use:

  • your staple cleanser and moisturizer are not doing enough for your skin 
  • the weather is changing and your skin is reacting with dryness or irritation
  • you are in desperate need of a facial but can’t find the time to even schedule it
  • your skin is normally dry but your T-zone is acting up and forming an oil slick
  • you have a special event to attend and you want your skin to look its very best
  • your skin feels tired & dull
  • you went out last night and fell asleep in your makeup…big no-no 
  • you are planning a spa-night with family or friends or just for yourself
  • you spent too much time in the sun and your skin is paying for it

What is the difference between the Soothing Mask and the De-Stress Mask?

Our Soothing and De-Stress masks may sounds like they do the same thing, but actually they are quite different. Our soothing mask is a staple for sensitive, irritated or troubled skin. Filled with redness-reducing and calming ingredients such as shea butter, chamomile, bisabolol this will be your go to if you’re experiencing itching, flaking or redness or if you have overall sensitive or combination skin.

The De-Stress mask has a high concentration of antioxidants and hydrating & nourishing ingredients alike - such as Coconut Oil, Acai and Goji Berry Extract, etc. - which help protect your skin from environmental damage and free radicals and also provide an intense boost of hydration. It’s the perfect treat for normal or dry skin or any skin that is in need for some extra pampering.

Is the Depuff Eye Mask only for puffy eyes?

Our Depuff eye mask is great for providing relief to puffy under eyes, but it also helps  soothe, hydrate, and rejuvenate the sensitive under-eye skin.

How many uses in a Lip Mask?

The amount varies depending on how much is used during application, but we would say around 30 uses on average. Once the case is empty, we like to clean it out and fill with moisturizer for traveling.

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