"Skincare is a marathon, not a sprint."

nügg’s mission is to deliver top quality, simple yet powerful, natural & clean skin treatments at pocket-friendly prices and in pocket-friendly packaging.


Our award-winning nüggets of goodness are designed to make you feel great in your skin – not only by addressing specific skin issues but also by making your skin feel soft, smooth and silky to the touch! We believe in a gentle and long-term approach to skincare that helps enhance and protect your skin barrier function. Because, after all, your skin is meant to form a barrier to keep irritants out and moisture in, so the ultimate goal of skin treatments should be to make that barrier as strong and healthy as possible.

We are committed to clear standards for natural-ness and to avoid “no go” ingredients in our products. We follow the Natural Product Association list to determine what we consider natural.


We formulate all our products without petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates, synthetic colors and synthetic fragrances. Where we can, we also forego preservatives by formulating products without water. Our lip sugar scrub, peel-off masks and SKIN FIZZ are our first steps in that direction with more to come.


Our packaging is pocket-friendly and minimized for environmental purposes, e.g, the amount of packaging used for 5 x 10ml single serve face mask pods is less than that of many 50ml tubes or jars with all components and outer packaging involved.


You can recycle our pods, cards, and cardboard boxes. However, when it comes to packaging, there is still lots of room to improve for the benefit of our planet and that is a big focus for us in the year to come!


Our products are registered with the EU cosmetic regulatory body which has stringent ingredient guidelines concerning allowable ingredients and chemicals (for example, there are around 1300 ingredients banned from use in cosmetics in the EU and only 11 banned in the US).

All of nügg’s products are made with over 93% natural ingredients!

We are Leaping Bunny Certified cruelty-free for not testing our products on animals. We proudly make all of our products in the USA. The only exception (for now) is our peel-off face masks that are made in the beautiful country of France.


While we are an authority for face masks, we decided against making sheet masks because: 1. the sheets are adding to the waste in our landfills, 2. often, the process of making the sheets has a negative impact on our environment and a lot of dies and preservatives are used to ensure that the sheets come out white and stay stable, and 3. we prefer to spend our cost of goods budget on active ingredients as opposed to the carrier system of a sheet, and 4. the gel in our masks serves the same function as a sheet of forming a barrier that drives ingredients into the skin.

Our Founder

Dr. Conny Wittke developed the idea for nügg on a flight from Shanghai to New York that left her -- and her skin -- completely exhausted. With an extensive long-haul travel schedule as an executive in the beauty industry that constantly left her skin suffering, she was very aware of the importance of face masks to recover stressed skin. But as she scouted stores and e-commerce sites for the best products, Conny found that the face mask category was dominated by “cheap thrills”, one-time wonders and lots of questionable ingredients and that the category lacked truly excellent yet fairly priced options that were designed to be staples in a long-term regime for healthy skin and honest in their approach to ingredients and claims.


With a passion for stirring up her own skincare potions since she was a kid and a deep commitment to developing products that are truly good for you as well as gentle and skin barrier enhancing for any age, Conny set out to develop the “gold standard” in prestige quality skin treatments at affordable prices that are also travel-friendly as well as simple and quick to easily integrate into our busy lives.


Starting her brand from scratch with her husband, Thorsten, after already having achieved a lot in corporate life with positions at McKinsey & Company, Zwilling J.A. Henckels and Tweezerman have been a great adventure that Conny is enjoying greatly.

Our commitment to social responsibility:

Philanthropy is (and will always be!) a key element of our business. As a women-owned and -run company, one of our primary focuses is empowering women and the children they so dearly love. We donate a minimum of 1% of our profits or 2.5% of our web sales (whichever number is higher) to valuable causes. For example, we have supported wonderful organizations such as: