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Learn How to Get Smooth Skin With These 5 Remedies

Wish you knew how to get smooth skin and what to use to finally ditch your dry, flaky skin on your face forever?

The search for dry skin remedies is grueling. You go through product after product, spending countless dollars, only to be disappointed over and over again. It's about time we knew exactly what to use for dry skin, and what not to use.

  • Use an ultra moisturizing face mask as an overnight treatment.
  • Exfoliate gently on a regular basis and use an exfoliating face mask once a week.
  • Use only unscented, gentle skin care products.
  • Wash your face only once per day.
  • Never use harsh anti-aging products—only gentle, natural alternatives.

There are so many dry skin remedies out there, but as long as you follow these 5 tips, your battle for smooth skin will finally be over.

Watch Caroline Presson increase the moisture level of her skin with the Deep Hydration Face Mask.

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