• NEW! Dry Skin Starter Set ($23.97 value)
  • NEW! Dry Skin Starter Set ($23.97 value)
  • NEW! Dry Skin Starter Set ($23.97 value)
  • NEW! Dry Skin Starter Set ($23.97 value)

NEW! Dry Skin Starter Set ($23.97 value)

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A clean beauty masking routine designed to transform dry, dehydrated skin. Dry skin needs regular cleansing and intense hydration. This set helps to eliminate dry skin and reveal a soft, hydrated and dewy complexion.


Aqua Boost is a lightweight gel face mask will quench your skin’s thirst with an intense moisture boost! In just 10 minutes, camellia seed oil, rosehip oil, and aloe juice transform dry, dehydrated skin to reveal a soft, smooth and glowing complexion


Morning Glow is a glow-boosting gel formula contains watermelon extract, hyaluronic acid and glacial water infused aloe juice that works while you sleep to reveal supple, glowing morning skin.


Total Refresh wakes up dull, tired with a refreshing change to your skincare routine. Packed with the natural powers of peppermint oil, flaxseed oil, and aloe juice, your skin will be left energized, dewy, and supple in just 10 minutes!



Normal to dry skin


  • Camellia Seed Oil is an excellent moisturizer and serves to supplement the skin lipid barrier to help retain moisture.
  • Rosehip Oil is loaded with skin-nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids that help skin cells retain water, and is ideal for hydrating dry, sensitive skin.
  • Aloe Juice, known for its soothing and antibacterial properties, instantly hydrates and eliminates any dry or rough areas.
  • Watermelon Extract, to promote cell regeneration, moisturize and exfoliate the skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid boosts the skin’s hydration levels while reducing the appearance of fine lines.
  • Peppermint Oil enhances the blood flow in the skin for a healthy, dewy glow and to helps bring nutrients to the skin.
  • Flaxseed Oil has strong antioxidant properties and helps plump the skin by locking in moisture and allowing the skin to hold more water



  • At least 94% natural - Free of parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, synthetic colors and fragrances
  • Lightweight gel formula 
  • For all skin types – especially dry skin
  • Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free. Made in the USA.
  • NO chemical emulsifiers or surfactants, so it does not disrupt the skin’s delicate natural barrier and does not irritate sensitive skin.
  • Aqua Boost & Morning Glow contain 30+ uses
  • Deep Clean is a convenient single serve pod to ensure a hygienic application



  • As Overnight MaskApply on a clean face in the evening and gently pat into skin. Leave on overnight and rinse off in the morning.


  • As Face Mask: Apply a generous layer onto clean & dry skin, leaving for 5 to 15 minutes before rinsing off or removing with a damp washcloth.


  • As Moisturizer & Primer: Apply a thin layer in the morning as a moisturizer or makeup primer. Wait for to absorb, then apply makeup for glowing skin.