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Time For A Summer Skin Detox

By nügg Beauty
on July 05, 2017

Charcoal Mask

Summer is finally here. After the long cold winter, there is nothing that we love more than a little bit of sun and warmth. No more hiding under winter clothes, no more dry and dull skin- freedom at last, or so it may seem, till summer arrives and you remember that the season comes with its own set of problems. Oily skin, enlarged pores, breakouts – stuff that you sure could do without. What you don’t realize is that your skin is practically begging you for a detox.

During summer, oil, dirt and bacteria can get trapped in your skin causing excessive sebum production, clogged pores and the dreaded breakouts and whiteheads. Nothing short of a detox will purge your skin and heal it. A skin detox will help your skin eliminate all the accumulated waste and impurities from your body (your skin, is after all, largely responsible for eliminating bodily waste and impurities from your body), so that your skin feels, looks and performs better.

Charcoal Detox Mask

What you need for a good skin detox using a gentle, yet effective activated charcoal mask like the nügg Charcoal Skin Detox Mask. The gg Charcoal Face Mask is a gentle formulation of 97% natural or naturally derived ingredients including Charcoal, Kaolin Clay, Oatmeal, Zinc, Aloe Juice and Tea Tree Oil. This charcoal mask will detoxify your skin, clear out impurities, regulate sebum production, manage acne, as well as soothe and hydrate the skin all at once. The nügg Charcoal Detox Mask is effective, yet it works without drying or damaging your skin in any way. Instead it works with your skin so that you have healthier, cleaner and happier skin after use. nügg products use no mineral oils, chemical emulsifiers, parabens, artificial colors or fragrances, so you can be sure that your skin is in safe hands.

Oily skin, breakouts and enlarged pores are a “side effect” of summer, but they can be controlled and managed. Detoxify your skin and enjoy clean, happy and glowing skin this summer.

Why Lip Exfoliation Is Important

By nügg Beauty
on July 04, 2017

Best Lip Moisturizer

If you haven’t heard or thought off exfoliating your lips before, you are not alone. In fact, most people often only think about hydrating the lips. However, exfoliation is an important part of lip care, simply because your lips don’t have sebaceous glands to keep them moisturized. The sebum secreted by sebaceous glands all over your skin and scalp is what keeps them hydrated and nourished; your lips, on the other hand, have no means to keep them moisturized. Plus, since your lips are covered by a very thin layer of skin, it loses moisture fast. Hence, it is wise to keep a lip balm handy at all times.

But what good will a lip balm do if your lips are covered with flaky bits and a layer of dead skin cells? These unwanted flakes and skin cells will not allow the balm to reach into your skin and hydrate it. Soon you will find yourself dealing with excessively dry, chapped, cracked and painful lips; not a pretty picture. This can soon lead to cold sores in and around your mouth, lip discoloration and uneven lips resulting in clumsy lipstick application.

Lip Mask

So if you want soft, nourished and beautiful lips, you ought to consider breaking out your lip scrub. And if you don’t have one and don’t know where to start, we have one that will work for you- the nügg All Natural Exfoliating Lip Scrub and Smoother, a unique 2-in-1 acting lip scrub that will both scrub and nourish your soft and sensitive lips. Our lip scrub is non- drying, gentle, 100% vegan, natural and preservative free, making it the perfect solution for dry and chapped lips. The nügg All Natural Exfoliating Lip Scrub and Smoother will soften and exfoliate your lips all while keeping them nourished and hydrated.

Try the nügg All Natural Exfoliating Lip Scrub and Smoother and enjoy soft, smooth and kissable lips all day long.

Introducing Our New Exfoliating Lip Scrub And Smoother

By nügg Beauty
on June 30, 2017

Lip Mask

2 years in the making and it’s finally here – our All Natural Exfoliating Lip Scrub and Smoother. As the name suggests, this lip treatment is a 2-in-1 action product. It scrubs and smoothes your chapped lips while keeping them hydrated so that you have soft, smooth and naturally glowing lips. The gg Exfoliating Lip Scrub and Smoother is a 100% natural, vegan and preservative-free product, which means you can be sure your skin gets the best and safest care. If you want to know how to get rid of chapped lips, this lip scrub is the answer. Unlike other lip scrubs on the market, our Lip Smoother is formulated to hydrate and nourish the skin on your lips all while removing those pesky peeling & flaky dry skin. This is a non-drying lip scrub has no rough bits, which means it’s gentle on your lips and is great for regular use.

The key ingredients in this lip scrub are Jojoba Wax, Sugar Granules, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil and Sunflower Seed Wax. The Jojoba Wax and Sugar Granules exfoliate your lips while Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil and Sunflower Seed Wax hydrate and condition thereby taking care of scrubbing and smoothing your lips. And what’s even better, the nügg Lip Scrub smells unbelievably yummy – a natural vanilla bean cake batter aroma which you will want to lick off. Each sphere of lip scrub has enough product for 30 uses.

Whether you want to prep your lips before applying lipstick or just want to sport beautiful full lips, the nügg All Natural Exfoliating Lip Scrub and Smoother is for you. You cannot go wrong with it. So much love has gone into creating the perfect natural & vegan lip scrub and we can’t wait for you to give it a try!

One Fact You Probably Didn’t Know About Oily Skin

By nügg Beauty
on June 29, 2017

Face Masks

Did you know that oily surfaces like your skin can carry as much as over 500 million bacteria per square inch? Yikes! Sounds pretty disgusting, doesn’t it? Everyone knows that oily surfaces are breeding grounds for bacteria but over 500 million?! Funny enough, if you ball up all of that bacteria, it would only amount to the size of a pea. Yes, that is really what is happening on your skin and yes, it is terrifying.

Before you go scrubbing all of that bacteria off of your face, hear us out. That bacteria on your face isn’t as bad for you as you think. Believe it or not, your skin actually needs the bacteria; a certain level of bacteria is important for your skin to function optimally and to stay healthy. It is when the balance of good and bad bacteria is disturbed that your skin becomes infected or breaks out.

Skin is naturally bestowed with the ability to maintain balance and keep the growth of bacteria in check. Unfortunately harsh environmental conditions, aggressive skincare products and pollution can lead your skin to lose the ability to do so, causing bacteria to grow unchecked, which, of course, leads to problems that we are all well aware of such as blemishes & acne.

Natural Face Masks

So what can you do to ensure that balance is maintained on your skin? First off, avoid harsh skincare products that will strip your skin off its natural oils, tear, damage or irritate your skin. Use gentle and natural products like face masks from nügg Beauty. The next step is to ensure that you exfoliate to help your skin get rid of the excess bacteria using a gentle exfoliator like the nügg Exfoliating Face Mask.

Exfoliation will help your skin get rid of the dead and dry skin cells and allow you to clean out the bacteria that may be trapped in your pores. Gentle exfoliating face masks like the nügg Exfoliating Face Mask will keep your skin hydrated, nourished and smooth without the use of harsh chemicals or microbeads, leaving you with happy and well cared for skin.

There are good bacteria and bad ones. Don’t let the fear that all bacteria are bad drive you to kill your skin slowly. Use gentle skincare products like nügg Face Masks. Establish a healthy skin care routine and you will also have soft, beautiful and glowing skin.

Why Oil Is Good For Your Skin

By nügg Beauty
on June 27, 2017

Face Masks

Don’t you just hate it when your face looks like an oil-slick? When you have to keep reaching into your handbag to get out the blotting sheets or caking on even more powder to dull down shine? And what about the zits and whiteheads that never quit? Do you find your complexion looking either greasy or dull more often than not?

Oh boy have we been there before. We know the struggle of trying to achieve oil-free and clear skin! But what you should know is that your skin needs healthy natural oils; it is nature’s way of nourishing and protecting your skin. All that oil you have greasing your skin is actually sebum, an oily/waxy matter produced by the sebaceous glands in your skin.

Sebum isn’t some fluke of nature that seeps out of your pores just to annoy you; believe it or not, it is a vital and much needed thing. Sebum moisturizes and waterproofs your skin and hair and provides protection from microbes. Sebum also helps to seal in moisture, thanks to the presence of water insoluble fatty acids found in sebum, thereby ensuring your skin stays hydrated and nourished at all times. Sebum is what keeps your skin and hair healthy, beautiful and strong.

Facial Masks

When you have to combat oily skin problems on a daily basis, all you want to do is keep the shine and oil away for as long as possible. Skincare products often achieve this aggressively by stripping your skin off all its natural oils, so you end up with an oil-free, clear and clean face, except that no sebum is ever good for your skin. Your skin needs sebum, though maybe not as much as your skin tends to produce in summer; the key, therefore, is to find a balance. What you need is a skincare product that will regulate shine and manage acne, while making sure your skin is adequately hydrated and nourished, like face masks from nügg Beauty.

nügg facial masks are gentle, nourishing, yet quite effective at controlling oil. Believe it or not, you don’t need to strip your skin with aggressive products. nügg face masks are formulated to replenish skin moisture levels and keep your skin healthy so that you have soft, glowing and beautiful skin always. Made with over 90% natural or naturally derived ingredients and with no mineral oils, chemical emulsifiers, parabens or synthetic fragrances or colors, we promise natural and skin friendly TLC.

Sure sebum can seem like the bane of your existence, especially during the summer but oil is in fact a necessity for healthy skin. Your skin needs its natural oils, so make sure you choose products that love your skin as much as you do – products that won’t harm, irritate or damage your skin, but will nourish, nurture and care for it like nügg facial masks.

Prep Your Skin For Self Tanning

By nügg Beauty
on June 23, 2017

Face Mask

Summer is finally here and what’s summer without a tan? And no, you don’t have to be out in the hot, hot sun with all those harmful UV rays beating down on you for a tan. Thanks to self tanning products, getting a tan just got a lot easier and safer. Sprays, lotions, creams- you have a lot of different applications to choose from.

Did you know that self tanner works by reacting with skin cells to darken your skin and give you a tan? Unfortunately, an uneven layer of dead skin cells means patches of dark skin which can look quite gross; definitely not the look you were aiming for.

What you need to make sure this doesn’t happen is to exfoliate before applying the self tanner. Slough off dead and dry skin cells so you have clear skin and an even skin tone. Exfoliate with a gentle, yet effective exfoliating product like the nügg Exfoliating Face Mask so that you have soft, smooth and beautiful skin. The gentle nature of this facial mask also ensures that your skin is safe for self tanning application. Exfoliation will also ensure the self tanner has a clean, clear and smooth canvas to work with.

Facial Mask

Made with over 93% natural or naturally derived ingredients, the nügg Exfoliating Facial Mask is gentle and works for all skin types. Our blend of Natural L-Lactic Acid and Jojoba Beads gently removes dead skin cells and brings the smooth skin to the surface, while Cranberry Seed Oil and Aloe Juice in the formulation hydrate and replenish skin. You can work up a better tan when your complexion is even and your skin is clean and clear.

Self tanning is efficient, easy and practical, but, like everything else in life, it has to be handled with care. Choose a self tanner based on your skin tone and not on the tan you desire. It is highly recommended you choose a light or medium shade if you have fair skin and darker shades if you have olive tones. Take your time applying it so that you get an even tan and don’t forget to exfoliate beforehand!

Helping Your Skin Retain Moisture

By nügg Beauty
on June 21, 2017

Facial Masks

Do you know what keeps your skin soft, supple and radiant? What gives your skin the natural glow that everyone craves? Moisture – moisture that is stored with deep in the deepest layers of your skin. In fact, your skin’s ability to retain moisture will determine how clear and beautiful your complexion looks. Without adequate moisture, your skin will crack, begin to age, lose its natural ability to exfoliate, be unable to protect itself from environmental damage and become dull and lifeless. Your skin needs moisture to live as much as you need water and food to sustain.

Now that we have established how important moisture is, the next question is how you can enhance your skin’s ability to retain moisture. The key to this is a healthy skin barrier and balanced sebum production. For those of you who don’t know, the skin barrier is a combination of proteins, lipids and oils that forms the topmost layer of your epidermis. This layer keeps in the water and key ingredients that your skin needs. If this layer is damaged, your skin will not only lose moisture and nutrients, it will also lose protection from UV rays, environmental pollutants, toxins and dust.

Moving on to sebum; sebum is a waxy/oily matter secreted by the sebaceous glands that hydrates and waterproofs your skin and hair. Water insoluble fatty acids in sebum allow it to seal in moisture, making it vital to maintaining the health of your skin.

Natural Face Mask

So if you want naturally healthy and beautiful skin, you should work towards keeping your skin barrier intact and maintaining balanced sebum production and how do you achieve that? By using gentle yet powerful skincare products like natural face masks from the house of nügg Beauty, that produce results without stripping your skin of its natural oils and protecting and strengthening your skin barrier.

nügg facial masks are developed using Natural Oil Dispersion Technology which means no damaging chemical emulsifiers are used and the effectiveness of the natural ingredients are not compromised. We also use ingredients that are over 90% natural or naturally derived and use no mineral oils, parabens, synthetic fragrances or colors. Hence, our facial masks are gentle, which means your skin barrier is protected and natural oils are replenished, yet effective, so that you see results as promised. Use nügg natural face masks at least twice a week and enjoy the beautiful skin of your dreams.

You cannot achieve soft healthy skin unless you work with your skin. Aggressive skincare treatments will destroy your skin, so always use gentle natural skincare products like those from nügg Beauty that will love your skin and nourish it.

Why You Should Cleanse Your Face

By nügg Beauty
on June 19, 2017

Face Masks

Do you know why it is important to cleanse your skin regularly?

  • To get rid of buildup on your skin – dirt, debris, oil – all of which accumulate on your skin over the day. Cleansing clears out impurities, refresh face and allow it to breathe.
  • To maintain skin PH levels and keep skin hydrated
  • To clean out pores of excess sebum
  • To prevent breakouts and inflammation

Regular cleansing also clears the way for your other skincare products to work better. Facial cleansing is integral for healthy and glowing skin. Wash your face at least twice a day to keep all the impurities out and your skin clean. Unfortunately, most facial cleansers can be harsh on the skin; they will definitely clean your skin but will leave it dry, undernourished and dull. The key to clean skin that is healthy and radiant is to choose skincare products that are gentle, products that use natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. Use gentle, yet effective facial cleansers so that you have clean and happy skin always.

Once you are done with your cleansing, follow it up with one of your favorite nügg face masks so that your skin gets that extra little something that can make a huge difference. Exfoliating, Hydrating, Soothing, Aging, Charcoal Detox, Mermaid – we have something for everyone, so choose the natural face mask that meets your fancy and pamper your skin. Being formulated with over 90% natural or naturally derived ingredients, nügg face masks are gentle and skin friendly. The fact that our products use no mineral oil, chemical emulsifiers, parabens or synthetic fragrances or colors just makes it all the more better.

Cleansing your skin is important but it is also equally important that you use products that work with your skin and not against it. If not, you will end up with dull, lifeless, or inflamed skin, so be wise and choose well.

Maintaining Healthy Skin This Summer

By nügg Beauty
on June 16, 2017

Hydrating Face Mask

After the cold winter months, you just can’t wait for it to be summer. You crave the feeling of the sun on your back and the crisp, warm, summer breeze going through your hair. You can’t wait to see the flowers blossom and to hit the beach. It is also time to say goodbye to dry, irritated and dull winter skin; no more cold temperatures to strip your skin of all its precious moisture.

Yes, summer is better but it isn’t without its fair share of problems. Come summer, you find yourself worrying about oily skin, excessive shine and consistent blemishes. And that’s not all, you might also find dehydrated skin making a comeback. Insufficient water consumption, constant exposure to air conditioners, clogged pores, frequent showers, and excessive exfoliation (all quite common in summer) can result in dry, dehydrated skin; just when you thought you didn’t have to worry about that anymore. Fortunately for you, dehydrated skin is a lot easier to manage in summer, thanks to your skin’s tendency to produce excess oil during this time of the year and because the causes of this, for the most part, can be tended to with ease. Drink more water, clean out your pores, avoid hot showers, go light on the exfoliation and you won’t have to worry so much about dry skin this summer.

Facial MaskGet yourself the nügg Hydrating Face Mask. No more dry or dehydrated skin; just happy, dewy, and healthy skin all summer long!Then there is the nügg Hydrating Face Mask. Facial masks are the perfect solution for nourished, healthy and beautiful skin no matter what the season. Want to hit the beach but worried about what it will do to your skin? Wondering how you can nourish and restore balance to your dry skin? Not anymore. Hit the beach, have fun and once you’re back home, apply the nügg Hydrating Face Mask and let it nourish and replenish your skin. Filled with the goodness of Camellia Seed Oil, Spirulina Extract and Aloe Juice, this intense facial mask will boost skin moisture levels, eliminate dry spots, comfort and replenish your skin, so that you have a radiant and flawless complexion. This 3 time winner of the Allure Best of Beauty award is guaranteed to make your summer one to remember.

Exfoliate For Soft And Healthy Skin

By nügg Beauty
on June 15, 2017

Facial Mask

No skincare routine is complete or effective without exfoliating your skin. Exfoliation is as and, at times maybe even more important, than cleansing, toning or moisturizing your skin. Mona Gohara, associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine, says “We shed millions of skin cells a day, so unless you do something to actively remove the ones that don’t fall off naturally, you’re going to have a grayish look no matter your skin tone.” Hence it goes without saying that if you don’t exfoliate your skin, no matter what else you do, your skin will look dull and lifeless. The dead and dry skin cells that don’t fall off naturally will cling onto your skin like dust and prevent it from reflecting light. So if you want healthy and glowing skin, you need to get off that pesky layer of dead cells.

Natural Face Mask

There are numerous exfoliating skincare products in the market, so it is easy to get hold of one; the problem however lies in selecting an exfoliator that is effective and good for your skin. Most exfoliating products work, but they do so at the cost of your skin. These exfoliators eliminate dead skin cells but they also strip your skin of all moisture and natural oils, leaving your skin clean but dry and without nourishment. What your skin needs is an exfoliating product that is effective, yet gentle on the skin, one that understands and cares for your skin, something like the nügg Exfoliating Face Mask. Made with 93% natural or naturally derived ingredients, this Exfoliating Facial Mask is a natural face mask that will help slough off dead skin cells while replenishing skin moisture levels and nourishing your skin, leaving you with clean, yet soft and beautiful skin.

The nügg Exfoliating Facial Mask formula includes Natural L-Lactic Acid, Jojoba Beads, Cranberry Seed Oil and Aloe Juice. Natural L-Lactic Acid and Jojoba Beads work gently on the skin to remove dead and dry skin cells, while Cranberry Seed Oil and Aloe Juice hydrate and replenish skin.

No matter what your skin type, your skin should be treated with care and love. Give your skin the best, use natural and gentle products that will work with your skin and not against it.

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