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Wake Up With nügg: a morning skincare how-to

By nügg Beauty
on June 20, 2014

nügg is such a wonderful addition to any skincare routine, but making sure you keep up a consistent, effective regimen is key to obtaining all of the amazing benefits that nügg has to offer.

Often times when you wake up in the morning, your skin may not feel dirty but this does not mean that you can get away with stepping out of the house before giving it a little TLC.

First off, it’s important to make sure you remove any dirt or dust that managed to find it’s way into your pores overnight. Assuming you cleansed the night before (we will get to that later), a deep clean isn’t always necessary in the AM. How you decide to cleanse is all about how your skin is feeling when you get out of bed.

If your t-zone is oily or you are experiencing breakouts, use a gentle cleanser that works well with your skin type (the general rule of thumb is a cream cleanser for dry skin and gel for an oily skin) and follow it up with our Deep Cleansing mask to absorb excess sebum and also clean and refine pores. If you wake up with dry skin, or you aren’t especially oily, apply a small amount of toner to a cotton round and sweep it along your t-zone for a light cleanse.

Cleansing properly preps your skin to really absorb the benefits from whichever nügg Face Mask best suits your current needs. Because 5 minutes is all it takes, it’s easy for you to work nügg into your daily routine for a little extra pampering and amazing skin benefits. Tip: Try using the Revitalizing in the morning to give your skin a boost of energy. It will also help to wake you up with it’s refreshing cooling sensation.

After you rinse the mask off with a little warm water, apply your moisturizer.  Not only does moisturizing your skin feel amazing, but the anti-aging benefits from this simple step are huge. Moisturizing will help promote rapid skin cell turnover, providing your skin with fresh cells that keep your skin looking young and healthy. For moisturizing, you can use moisturizing face mask or hydrating face mask. If you feel your lips are chapped, then you can use lip mask. This would be the best lip moisturizer that helps you to get rid of chapped lips.

One final step and that is sun protection. Whether you are spending time out in the sun or not, using SPF is always important. Sun can creep in through the windows of your car or your office, so be sure to apply an SPF of at least 15 before heading out the door no matter where you are headed. Your skin will thank you in the future!

nüggs and hugs,

nügg Beauty Team

Tips and Tricks with nügg

By nügg Beauty
on June 16, 2014



These masks are amazing as-is, fresh out of the package and right onto the face, but sometimes we like to switch things up a bit.

Here are some of our favourite, unconventional ways to use the face masks:

  • Throw the Revitalizing Mask in the fridge for an out of this world cooling sensation. It helps to rev up the peppermint for an incredibly refreshing feel.
  • For sunburns, you can also pop the Soothing Mask in the fridge to help bring down the heat and calm any irritation.
  • The Exfoliating Face Mask isn’t only a great for the face. Layer some onto areas of the body that tend to get rough, like the backs of your arms, to gently smooth out those bumps and slough away dry skin.
  • When using the Anti-aging Mask, layer some down onto the neck and chest which generally tends to age faster than the skin on the face. You can even put some on the backs of your hands to get some anti-aging action there as well!
  • Although it only takes 5 minutes to reap the benefits of these amazing nuggets, one of our favourite things to do is leave the Hydrating face mask or Soothing Mask on overnight. A thin layer of either of those and you will wake up with the most amazingly nourished skin. We just love it!
  • If your skin is having a total freak-out, don’t stress! Layering the Soothing Mask on after the Deep Cleansing Mask is a perfect way to not only heal breakouts, but also balance and calm any redness or sensitivity.
  • If you want to get rid of chapped or cracked lips, then use lip mask which will act as the best lip moisturizer.
  • Do you have puffy eyes? Thinking about how to depuff eyes? Then depuff eye mask will be apt for you.

Hope all these tips will be useful to you. Use these natural face masks as per directed and experience the difference.


nüggs and hugs,

nügg Beauty Team 

Get Glowing From the Inside Out: Our Juicing Experience

By nügg Beauty
on June 04, 2014

Not only are we passionate about providing you with little nuggets of goodness for your skin, but encouraging random acts of kindness to yourself and others is also one of nügg’s top priorities. Being kind to yourself includes being kind to your body.  One way to hit refresh and give both your body and skin some love is through a juice cleanse. Here in the office we had been toying with the idea of a cleanse for a week or so and decided to finally take the plunge. With a little research we decided on a 3-day cleanse through Jus by Julie. Their drinks are specifically blended with combinations of nutritious fruits and vegetables that are designed to rid the body of impurities.

For every night of the cleanse, we used nügg Face Masks (per usual) to ensure that we were optimizing the wonderful skin benefits from doing a juice cleanse. Having never done a cleanse ourselves, we were very eager, yet nervous, to get started. We thought it would be helpful for us to document our thoughts along the way and then share our experience with you here!

Day 1

A package from Jus by Julie arrived in the office promptly at 10:30am, filled with three days worth of juice conveniently packaged in insulated reusable bags. We were excited to see what was in store for us throughout the next three days and got very excited to see that there was quite a variety of drinks. As much as we do enjoy a good green juice, it was nice to see heartier drinks make an appearance. For example, their Island Coconut drink, which contains coconut meat, dates, and cinnamon sounded like a delicious escape from the norm. The consensus later was that the Island Coconut was most definitely our favorite.  With the excitement still lingering, we powered through the day pretty well. No complaints of hunger, just a few small headaches here and there, and before we knew it we had successfully completed our first day.

Day 2

The second day, however, was a different story. Although everyone admitted to feeling less bloated and a little bit lighter, energy was down in the office as a whole. The Jus by Julie FAQ state that it is not uncommon to experience headache, fatigue, or dizziness so we all tried to stay as positive as possible, knowing that this was all part of the detox process. Despite lack of energy, the drinks had kept any and all cravings at bay; not a peep from anyone regarding hunger. We also felt as though our minds had been cleaned out and organized; leaving us with the ability to stay even more focused than usual. By the end of the day, the symptoms were the same: no energy, no cravings, and no hunger. What we enjoyed most about this was that although we were fatigued, it was a relief to not feel famished as well. Because the juices are blended, you really receive all the necessary nutrients to keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Day 3

Third and final day arrives and our symptoms were varied. Hearing rumors that the third day of cleansing is usually the easiest to get through, we were all optimistic. Two of us felt incredibly refreshed and energized, but in general the team was looking forward to getting back to eating regularly. Although feedback was mixed on the symptom front, everyone agreed that their stomachs were less bloated and their skin showed a surprising amount of improvement in clarity. Just knowing that it was the final day was motivation enough and we all made it through the cleanse with no slip-ups!


Now let’s talk skin! I personally had been experiencing quite a few breakouts pre-cleanse, possibly due to diet. I used the Deep Cleansing Mask on the first night, Hydrating Face Mask on the second, and repeated the Deep Cleansing again on the third. My skin has definitely improved significantly since we started. The decrease in size of my breakouts is ridiculously amazing. There are only a few small spots left and they are barely noticeable. Ridding my body of toxins and continuing my use of nügg has really helped improve my skin even more than nügg on it’s own.

Doing this cleanse has made such an improvement in all of our daily lives. We are all in a much healthier state of both body and mind. It has inspired us keep our meal choices healthier because who wouldn’t want to continue feeling as great as we do now. Although we have only been off the cleanse for a few days now, there is also this uncontrollable desire for us to plan the next office cleanse!

The verdict: We highly recommend a juice cleanse to anyone who wants to remove impurities from their body and get on the fast-track to a much healthier lifestyle. Also, don’t forget to use nügg face masks such as deep cleansing mask, lip mask, eye mask, hydrating face mask, exfoliating face mask etc. daily during and post-cleanse to increase the amazing skin benefits from juicing!


nüggs and hugs,

nügg Beauty Team

Blemish Prone Skin? Say Yes To Natural Oils

By nügg Beauty
on May 21, 2014

For healthy and happy skin, you need the right kind of oils to keep it balanced and moisturized. The natural oils in nügg are the perfect way to heal blemishes while keeping your skin hydrated.

nügg utilizes Natural Oil Dispersion Technology which makes these beautiful oils super fine and light so they won’t clog your pores and will actually help control your skin’s sebum production, resulting in fewer breakouts.

Natural Oil Dispersion Technology eliminates the need for using a chemical emulsifier by using physical (as opposed to chemical) properties to bind natural oil and water together. Chemical emulsifiers can damage the skin’s protective barrier which can leave it susceptible to nasties such as pollutants and UV rays. By not using these damaging emulsifiers, nügg looks after your skin to help improve the barrier function with its specially selected blend of signature oils; Olive, Cranberry, Grape and Linseed. Each mask also contains an added dose of hydrating Glycerin and soothing Aloe Juice to provide even more amazing benefits.

Nugg Face Masks such as hydrating face mask, exfoliating face mask, anti aging mask, deep cleansing mask, soothing mask, lip mask, eye mask and so on are an accessible way to introduce natural oils into your skincare regimen without dropping a fortune.

For oily, blemish prone skin, try the Deep Cleansing Mask which contains a blend of Jojoba Lite oil and cucumber extract which refines pores, rebalances the skin, leaving it soft and nourished and creates a clean, shine-free look and feel. We also recommend using the Soothing Mask in conjunction with the Deep Cleansing. It contains powerful healing and anti-inflammatory benefits which is wonderful for calming any flare-ups.

If you are looking for the best face mask, then nugg facial mask will be the right choice. Use these natural face masks as per directed to feel the difference by just 10 minutes effort.

Froyo and Face Masks: An Afternoon With nügg

By nügg Beauty
on May 16, 2014

Tuesday afternoon we invited members of the press to join us at a frozen yogurt shop for the official launch of nügg. It was a sunny afternoon filled with froyo, flowers, and a buzz of excitement over our face masks. We had been anticipating the day for quite some time and it was amazing to finally be able to share our passion for the brand on a personal level. Our excitement continues to grow as we see nügg find it’s place in the hearts of both beauty bloggers and customers alike.

Read further to see more photos from the event!

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nügg: The Perfect Addition To Your Carry-On

By nügg Beauty
on May 08, 2014

As if flying wasn't stressful enough, the dry air in the cabin also sucks all of the moisture out of your skin. The last thing you want to think about when you step off the plane, whether you are heading to a business meeting or the beach, is how dry and tired your skin feels. To fight off any post-flight skin troubles, all you need is these things: the biggest bottle of water you can find in the airport, a good portion of sleep and both the nügg Hydrating Mask and Revitalizing Mask.

One of the many things that makes nügg great for travel is their size. Perfectly proportioned for one time use, these little nuggets of happiness are extremely travel-friendly. You don't have to worry about purchasing new containers and transferring the product over which can often make packing your cosmetic bag quite a hassle when in-fact, it should be the most fun! You can keep nügg safe and sound in your carry-on for a little bit of a "first-class" spa treatment before, during, and after your flight.        

The key to keeping your skin in shape when flying is by keeping it as hydrated as possible. Apply the nügg Hydrating Mask in the morning before your flight. The Spirulina Extract in this mask is especially great for flying because it helps your skin lock in water and release it throughout the day when it's needed. Because nügg is full of powerful active ingredients, you only need to keep the mask on for five to ten minutes to reap its amazing benefits. Just finish up that last minute packing while nügg goes to work on prepping your skin for flight!

Expert tip: If you want to maximize your moisture and avoid dehydration at all costs, apply the Hydrating Mask while on the flight. Don't be shy, just sit back and relax. Use a damp tissue to wipe off the excess and follow with your moisturizer. You will immediately notice your skin plump up and feel unbelievably soft. 

Okay so you're covered for the flight, but afterwards you may still need a bit of a pick-me-up. Once you have reached your destination take another five minutes for yourself and apply the Revitalizing Mask. The mask contains Peppermint Oil and Menthol to help increase blood flow and awaken the skin. The cooling sensation is incredibly invigorating and is just what you need to perk you up from a long flight. After you wash it off your skin will be glowing; feeling energized and refreshed.  

Expert tip: It's incredibly important to stay hydrated from within as well. Be sure to continuously sip on a bottle of water throughout the flight. Not only will this help maintain your skin's health, but will also keep you alert. Dehydration can often make you tired and cranky, and no one wants to start out a trip that way!

Now you're ready to enjoy your travels looking as if you never stepped one foot on that plane! Bon voyage from nügg!

~nüggs and hugs
nügg Beauty Team

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By Kiran Kesavan
on April 14, 2014

Here at nügg we are incredibly excited and delighted to announce our little nuggets of skincare goodness to you. As a small company, nügg has truly become our baby. We have cradled and cared for it every step of the way to make sure it's exactly what you deserve. The efficacy and affordability of nügg Face Masks makes them truly stand out among the sea of beauty products out there today. We don't believe in sacrificing luxurious, quality formulations and ingredients for a product that won't break the bank. As nügg continues to flourish and grow, we are excited to share our journey with you here on our blog...


~nüggs and hugs


nügg Beauty Team

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