Facial Masks

If you want healthy, glowing skin, you cannot forget to work face masks into your routine. Masking is effective and helps to target various skin issues, leaving you with soft and supple skin. Regular masking will keep your skin clean, hydrated, nourished, and looking its best at all times. Unfortunately despite the many benefits of masking regularly, most people still consider masking a luxury rather than the necessity that it is, so it tends to slip on the priority list till eventually you don’t mask at all.

The beauty of our Face Mask Subscription Boxes is that they will remind you to NEVER NOT MASK. As nügg founder Dr. Conny Wittke says, “Masking should be an essential step in everyone’s skin care regime but in today’s busy lives, it is easy to forget. With our new new nügg face mask subscriptions, we ensure that our customers have all they need to mask twice a week and to help achieve their skin care goals in tailored ways.” Forgetting won’t be easy when you have facial mask boxes arriving at your doorstep every month like clockwork.

So if you want a radiant and flawless complexion, all you have to do is visit our subscription page, select your skin type, subscribe and voila! We have four facial mask boxes tailored to meet the demands of the different skin types – Dry/dehydrated skin, Mature/aging skin, Normal skin, and Oily/combo skin. Each box consists of 8 face masks (so that you can mask twice a week) that will work to target your skin’s issues and leave you with a healthy, clear, and beautiful complexion.

With nügg you get to attain the skin of your dreams naturally as all of our facial masks are made of over 90% natural or naturally derived ingredients and use no mineral oil, chemical emulsifiers, parabens, synthetic colors or fragrances. All of our face masks come in single-serve pods which ensures the product stays fresh at all times and makes it perfect for use when traveling. All nügg face masks are gentle and non-drying, making them effective and extremely skin-friendly.

Give your skin the care and love it needs and deserves with regular masking. Subscribe to our monthly face mask subscription boxes and don’t forget to mask ever again!