Do you have oily skin? Do you try to stay away from oil-based products at all costs? Well it just might be that the answer to your oily skin problems is, well, oil!

Using a product that entirely removes the all moisture & oil from the skin is not something we recommend for anyone, even those with the most oily skin. Products that strip your skin of healthy oils often use harsh, drying ingredients, which although might work in the short term, can end up causing more harm than good in the future. The result - even more oil production and breakouts.

Often time, oily skin is the result of your skin over-compensating from the lack of healthy hydration. When your skin is feeling dry, it creates sebum to make up for the lack of moisture. Unfortunately, these oils can then lead to breakouts and give you that very undesirable “oil-slick” look on the skin.

People with oily skin need to be careful while choosing a skincare product, but there are definitely ways to reduce oil and get your skin into a happy, balanced place.

nügg Deep Cleansing Face Mask

Natural Face MaskLarge pores are another concern for people with oily skin, as the extra amount of oil their skin is producing can increase their appearance. Dirt and bacteria may clog up these pores and can lead to blackheads and blemishes. However, using the nügg Deep Cleansing Face Mask will help reduce the appearance of pore size.The Deep Cleansing Face Mask from nügg is the best product for oily skin. This mask can help to remove excess oil without stripping the skin of the moisture it needs to stay healthy. Jojoba lite oil and cucumber extract in the nügg Deep Cleansing Face Mask reduce shine and deeply cleanse your skin, while the Aloe juice base will hydrate the skin to help maintain balance.

Unlike some oil-free products, the refreshing gel texture of nügg face masks will leave your skin with a silky-matte finish, rather than that undesirable tight, dry feeling after using some beauty products.

If you are having oily, troubled skin, alternate between using the nügg Soothing Face Mask and the nügg Deep Cleansing Face Mask twice a week or more for best results.