Face Mask

No matter what your skin type, a round of exfoliating will do your skin a lot of good. In fact, regular exfoliation is essential for healthy and beautiful skin. Exfoliation removes dead and dry cells from the surface of your skin, thereby exposing the new cells. Exfoliation is important because as we age, the process of cell regeneration slows down, which means your skin is slower to shed old cells and generate new ones. Without exfoliation, the old cells will accumulate on your skin leaving you with dull and lifeless skin. This can also lead to oil accumulation, clogged pores, blemishes, and acne.

The problem with exfoliation though is that if not done properly, it can leave your skin damaged, torn and dry. A number of exfoliating agents depend on harsh chemicals or microbeads to produce results. The chemicals and rough scrubby bits often end up doing more harm than good for your skin. They either tear at your skin or strip it of all moisture, leaving you with raw, unhappy skin.

Facial MaskAt nügg Beauty, we appreciate how tender and delicate skin is, which is why our products are natural, gentle and non- drying in nature. We believe in working with your skin and not against it. The gg Exfoliating Face Mask is a gentle formulation of Cranberry Seed Oil, Natural L-Lactic Acid, Jojoba Beads and Aloe Juice. This facial mask uses 93% natural or naturally derived ingredients and works for all skin types, even sensitive.

Natural L- Lactic Acid and Jojoba Beads in the face mask helps slough off the pesky dead skin cells and clear the way for fresh and new skin. We use Jojoba Beads instead of microbeads in our facial mask as they are effective yet gentle, leaving you with happy skin. Exfoliation, by nature, is a little drying, which is why the gg Exfoliating Face Mask includes Cranberry Seed Oil and Aloe Juice that hydrate and rejuvenate skin.

Exfoliate regularly for a smooth, bright, healthy and radiant complexion.