Face Mask

Holidays are meant to be fun and relaxing – good food, wine, friends & family, lots of free time – the most wonderful time of the year!

Unfortunately, that’s not how it always turns out; between cooking meals for guests, shopping for thoughtful gifts and running around to visit all of your friends & family, there is, in reality, absolutely no free time to sit back & relax. The holidays are stressful, quite often so much more than a particularly busy week at work.

When you are under stress, your body takes a beating. Here is what happens.

  • Your eyes become puffy from lack of sleep.
  • Your skin looks tired and dull from sleep deprivation and inadequate water (seriously, when did you have your last glass of water?)
  • Your skin breaks out.
  • You look flushed all the time.

Yes, a lot of unpleasant things happen to your body when you are under stress. So now, how can you fix it? By relaxing and pampering yourself of course. After the holidays it’s an absolutely necessity to give yourself & your skin a little love.

Eye Mask

Let’s turn to your eyes first; they are the first sign of exhaustion & stress. Refresh your eyes and eliminate under-eye puffiness with the Depuff Eye Mask from the skincare experts at nügg Beauty. These gel eye masks containing Caffeine, Hesperidin, Bisabol and Vitamin B5 reduce puffiness while hydrating and rejuvenating your skin. Made with 93% natural or naturally derived ingredients, this eye mask is safe and effective. No more tired eyes with the nügg Depuff Eye Mask.

After multiple pieces of pie and one too many glasses of wine, you are bound to see a few blemishes pop up here and there. To combat these pesky pimples, we recommend a round of deep cleansing with the nügg Deep Cleansing Face Mask. The beauty of this face mask is that it cleanses skin while also soothing and hydrating it so your skin will never feel stripped. Cucumber Extract and Jojoba Lite Oil thoroughly cleanse your skin while Aloe Juice moisturizes and soothes it. This mask will refresh your skin and take care of the blemishes, leaving you with a healthy glowing complexion.

We also recommend that you meet the daily quota of 8 glasses of water. Water is essential for the proper functioning and health of your body. Drinking adequate water flushes out toxins and ensures healthy skin, hair and overall well being.

Next time around, remember that the holidays are meant to be fun. Take some time to relax and enjoy the holidays as much as you can; they come around only once a year after all.