Moisturizing Face Mask

There are plenty of unfavorable factors which can make your skin sensitive and irritated. These unfriendly factors can harm your skin and cause undesirable skin problems. Climate changes during the transition into fall/winter and exposure to harmful radiations from the sun are only a few examples.

Signs like dryness, redness, irritation, and itching, are symptoms of sensitive skin, and if you experience any of these signs, it becomes even more important to protect your skin. Here is what you can do to fight back and reduce sensitivity.

Practice Healthy Habits

An important factor to consider while taking care of sensitive skin is that there is a possibility for bacteria to accumulate on your makeup brushes. This might further aggravate any irritation on your skin, besides leading to other problems such as blemishes.

Replace any old makeup with new, fresh makeup in regular intervals, and make sure to cleanse the makeup brushes after each use. Castile soap and other gentle unscented soaps are highly recommended for cleansing your brushes. Cleanse the brush and leave it undisturbed until it dries.

You also need to incorporate healthy food such as spinach, blueberries, avocados, walnuts, sweet potatoes, wild salmon, ginger, and olive oil into your diet to counter act skin problems. Also, try to avoid gluten, as it causes skin reactions and can further irritate sensitive skin.

Choosing the Best Face Mask

nügg Soothing Face Mask

The exceptional Soothing Face Mask from nügg will meet all your sensitive skin needs and is the perfect supplement to  skincare routine. The nügg Soothing Face Mask is highly recommended by beauty experts as it efficiently calms, hydrates, and balances your sensitive skin in just 5-15 minutes.

This mask contains 94% of ingredients used in this mask are natural or naturally derived. The presence of natural ingredients such as Bisabolol, Shea butter, and Chamomile extracts in this face mask play a key role in hydrating your skin and reducing redness. Incorporate the nügg Soothing Face Mask in your skin care routine twice a week to maintain a calm, irritation-free complexion.