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We all know it’s difficult to always carry everything you need wherever you go, and that’s obvious even if you are or not a frequent traveler. Clothes, shoes, gadgets, make-up sets…the list never ends. Sunscreen creams and other essential face and skin care products are usual must-haves while traveling, even when you don’t want your luggage getting heavier. Nügg’s single-serve face masks are specially designed keeping that in mind, to help travelers around the globe. These are small, easy to carry, lightweight and perfect for one-time use. Having a couple of single-serve face masks will be essential to keeping your face clean and clear while you are on the move.

What Happens When Flying

The chances of your skin getting dehydrated and dull are much higher while you fly. The environment inside airplanes is not natural; the pressurized environment sucks the moisture out of your skin and leaves it dull and dehydrated. Furthermore, the anxiety factor on the flight can also raise the level of stress hormones, causing inflammation and redness. Exposure to allergens and bacteria also contributes to skin problems. Hence, it is important to take the necessary steps and precautions to stay protected from these adverse factors.

Pre-Flight: Prep your skin before your flight with our Hydrating Mask which contains Spirulina Extract and acts as a reservoir for water, infusing your skin with moisture and keeping it hydrated longer when removing. Leave a thin layer of the mask on your skin so that during your flight your skin is protected and moisturized.

facial mask

Post-Flight: When in a dry climate such as an airplane cabin, our skin tries to make up for the lack of moisture by creating it’s own oils. These oils are unfortunately bad for the skin and can cause breakouts and clogged pores. After flying, use our Deep Cleansing Mask to remove that excess sebum in a healthy way. Afterward using the Deep Cleansing Mask, provide your skin with the moisture it needs with either our Hydrating mask, if you have dry skin, our Soothing Mask, if you have sensitive, or our Revitalizing Mask if your skin is dull/tired.

More than 90 percent of the ingredients used in Nügg Face Masks are natural or naturally derived. Our single-serve pods are convenient for travel purposes, and will effectively meet all your skin care needs when you are on the go.

Stay Protected From The Sun

It’s no secret that applying SPF is key in protecting your skin from the dangerous UVB rays, which can cause sunburn, skin damage, and even contribute to skin cancer. Sunscreen is the first thing you need to do to protect your skin while you get out during the day time, but what about helping your skin recover after sun exposure?

Even when you are vigilant about SPF application, there is no doubt that summertime can stress out the skin, leaving it red, dry & irritated. Our Soothing Mask is a must-have for after-sun treatment to calm & nourish the skin as well as rehydrate and help reduce redness. Don’t forget to add it to your shopping cart before you check-out and carry it with you on your travels.

Do This Before You Tan

Getting an even tan is something we all aim for when spending a day at the beach. Removing dead skin cells by exfoliating your skin is the best way to smooth out your skin. Our Exfoliating Mask gently removes dead skin cells and preps your skin for the perfect tan. Apply the Exfoliating mask for ten minutes and thoroughly remove before applying sunscreen and stepping out into the sun.

There’s no need to stress out about your skin when traveling. Just keep a few of our single-serve face masks tucked inside your carry-on to quickly & effectively address any needs that come about.