Face Mask

One of the great things about living in the States is that there is no shortage to what you can do or where you can go during summer. Whether majestic national parks, sweeping mountains, beach trips or breathtaking canyons, there is something for all. No matter where you go and how long you plan to stay, it is important that you pack with great care. Weather appropriate clothes, footwear, sunscreen, insect repellants if you plan to camp out – you know the drill. If you have kids, well, it gets even more difficult (you don’t want to leave behind your daughter’s favorite toy!!).

And what about your makeup? Sunscreen, foundation, powder, primer, eyeliner, lipstick – you do want to look your best after all. However, you just might be making things a little difficult for your skin. You see makeup tends to clog pores and suffocate your skin, especially when you are traveling. Just like you need to time to adjust and get into the groove in a new place, so does your skin; the sun, the humidity levels, the temperature – all of these affect your skin. What your skin needs at this point is a little TLC, which sadly makeup cannot provide; makeup just adds on to the stress your skin is already under. Plus you might see breakouts, rashes due to sun exposure, dry patches- the list is endless.

Facial Masks

The best way to look and feel your best when traveling is to focus on skincare first – less makeup and more care. All you need is a couple of nügg face mask pods. Made with over 90% natural or naturally derived ingredients, nügg facial masks are gentle, yet effective and suit all skin types. We have something for all skin types and skin needs – for deep cleansing, rejuvenation, intense hydration, exfoliation and more. And what’s even better is that each face mask comes in a single use pod making it perfect for packing in your carry-on; not only is it handy, your product is also kept fresh and uncontaminated at all times. You can be sure of having glowing, healthy skin at all times when you have nügg facial masks at hand.

Travel light this summer. Instead of a whole box of makeup and skincare products, all you need to carry are a few tiny pods of the nügg face masks best suited for your skin. You’ll feel great wearing less makeup and your skin will thank you!