Face Mask For Dry Skin

You may have spent a lot of time traveling this summer. The chances of your skin becoming dehydrated and irritated are much higher when your skin is exposed to a number of skin pollutants when traveling. In order to keep your skin happy, it’s important to implement a special skincare routine during your travels.

Elizabeth Minnett of Haut Appetit highly recommends the nügg Soothing Face Mask as the ideal product to travel with. Because the face mask comes in a single-serve pod, the product is easy to carry with you anywhere and keeps it fresh up until use. On top of its convenience during travel, Elizabeth found nügg Soothing Face Mask to be capable of meeting all of her skin care needs. She was experiencing some redness due to frequently being out in the sun and the mask helped to calm that irritation. The fact that the ingredients in the Soothing mask are 94 percent natural or naturally derived made her feel good about what she was putting on her skin.


Within the nügg Soothing Face Mask you will find ingredients such as Shea butter, chamomile extracts, and Bisabolol. This inspired Elizabeth, who is quite the foodie, to create a chamomile sparkling lemonade. The beverage is super refreshing and great to enjoy when you are in need of some relaxation. She recommends drinking the chamomile lemonade while wearing a nügg Face Mask for an ultra pampering experience.