Natural Face Mask

Traveling offers infinite possibilities as it is one of the best ways to meet new people and experience numerous cultures, customs and traditions. Opening your eyes to new places and people allows you to truly think about and see the world in a different light. Here at nügg, we absolutely love going to new places and experiencing new things whenever possible.

One thing we aren’t a huge fan of however, is the way traveling affects our skin. Taking care of your skin and trying to look your best while traveling isn’t always easy. Long flights, time and climate change all can have negative effects on the skin However, with the right products your vacation, weekend getaway, or business trip, can be ‘faced’ without any skincare worries.

Using the Right Face Mask

nügg offers a variety of single serve face masks for every skin type. The small pods are convenient for carrying with you anywhere, making them perfect for bringing along with you on your travels. The new Travel Masking Bundle from nügg, made for both the frequent and non-frequent flyer, offers 6 different face masks for $20 ($25.44 value). The bundle includes one each of nügg’s Hydrating face mask, Exfoliating face mask, Deep Cleansing face mask, De-Stress face mask, Soothing face mask, and Lip Boosting Mask, to prep the skin for and help it recover from the stress of travel.

nügg Facial Mask

When flying, your skin can lose an incredible amount of moisture due to the stale, dry air in the airplane cabin. On top of this, when you arrive at your destination your skin is going to react to the abrupt change in climate. Therefore, it is important to properly care for your skin while traveling. This Travel Masking Bundle contains everything you need to ensure beautiful skin from the beginning to the end of your travels.

nügg Face Masks Giveaway

In the spirit of summer and travel, we are currently running weekly giveaways on our Instagram.Each Thursday we post a photo of a nügg mask in a different, exciting place and all you have to do is guess the location and tag your favorite travel mate for a chance to win. Prizes always include a variety of nügg product along with other great prizes such as Instax cameras or color cosmetics. Check out our Instagram for more details on and look for #WhereIsNuggNow!