Face Masks

Hello nügg Beauties! Time to check out what the world of fashion and beauty has in store for all of us this year. Will it be glamorous and dazzling or soft and feminine? Let’s find out.

  1. Glittery Lips – And dazzling it is! Glitter-dusted lips are your go-to look for a night out this year. Apply gloss over your favorite lipstick, pat on some shimmering glitter and you are ready to go. We advise a little restraint though, don’t go overboard with the glitter – all you need is a thin layer to get this look right.
  2. Long Hair – After the year of the asymmetrical bob, long hair is back. From the likes of Kim Kardashian to Beyonce and J-Lo, everyone seems to be sporting long, even waist grazing locks. So how about growing your hair out this year?
  3. Blurred lips – Beautifully defined lips are lovely but how about something a little less put together? It is time to let go of your perfect lips and embrace the messiness and freedom that is a blurred lip. Softly smudge the edges, add a little extra color to the centre of your lips and you have the perfect blurred lip.
  4. Shine All the Way – It is the age of gloss! Lip gloss, eye gloss and now face gloss. Add some shine to your cheekbones and even collarbones for a youthful, fresh look. Our Revitalizing Face Mask is perfect for achieving a glowing complexion without the help of makeup.
  5. Blunt Cuts – Does it seem like all models are sporting single length haircuts? They sure are for blunt cuts are the hot favorite of hairstylists simply because of how shockingly simple and minimalistic they are.
  6. Hydrated, Dewy Skin – This is one trend that will never go out of style- beautiful, hydrated skin. Everyone dreams of attaining healthy& hydrated skin and it is absolutely possible this year with face masks from nügg Beauty. Our range of natural facial masks are specifically formulated to meet the demands of different skin types while being intensely hydrating and nourishing. We promise you fresh glowing skin with regular use. Beautiful skin is something everyone should aim for this year because there is no better beauty accessory than healthy radiant skin.