Hydrating Face Mask

One of the first rules of proper skincare is to keep your skin hydrated at all times. This is especially true during the winter when the cold air tends to suck all the moisture out of your skin leaving you with dry, often itchy and irritated, skin. While you cannot prevent your skin from losing moisture, with a little effort you can keep it hydrated throughout the season.

  • Use a Hydrating Face Mask – A hydrating face mask replenishes skin moisture levels and locks the moisture in so that your skin can stay hydrated for longer periods of time. We recommend using a natural mask like the nügg Deep Hydration Face Mask, as it is gentle and intensely hydrating. We recommend using the hydrating mask at least once a week for best results. If you have extremely dry skin, we suggest using the mask twice a week in order to keep the skin free of uncomfortable tightness & dry spots.
  • Regular Exfoliation – Exfoliation is vital to keeping your skin healthy and hydrated during winter time. The nügg Exfoliating Face Mask is the perfect exfoliating face mask for dry skin as unlike most exfoliating products, it doesn’t dry out the skin when used. Instead it’s gel texture restores moisture while effectively helping slough off dry and dead skin cells; what more can you ask of a face mask for dry skin?
  • Face Mask For Dry SkinDrink Plenty of Water – Keep a water bottle on hand at all times and remember to drink water frequently. We tend to drink less water during the cold months simply because we don’t feel like we need it; however, contrary to popular belief, our body still loses a lot of water even if it’s not 80+ degrees outside. Hence, it is important to drink plenty of water in the winter to keep your bodies water content at optimal levels.
  • Use a Humidifier – As you probably know by now, your indoor heating system also sucks moisture from your skin, which means whether you are indoors or outside, you are losing moisture, so it is dry skin all the way. Using a humidifier can change that; having a humidifier running in the bedroom and in other frequently used rooms can reduce the pressure on your skin by replenishing moisture to the air and to your skin.

Let this winter be easier on your skin. Try these tips for nourished and radiant skin all season long.