Natural Face Masks

Puffiness around the eyes and tired looking skin is a common occurrence for many people. Dehydration, hot weather and many other factors play a part in causing this undesirable look. However, you can get rid of the puffiness with a simple facial massage known as manual lymphatic drainage.

You may experience swelling and discomfort when your body finds it hard to remove lymph. The lymph system helps carry away excess water as well as remove toxins from the body. Sometimes our body requires a bit of external energy to regulate the functioning of the lymph system. Much like a full body massage, performing lymphatic drainage helps relieve stress and allows our facial muscles to relax which promotes a more youthful appearance.

Lymphatic drainage massage can easily be done from home in just 3-5 minutes. For an extra special skin treatment, we like to perform the technique while wearing one of our face masks. With the combination of powerful actives in the mask and the facial stimulation, the result will be a beautiful refreshed look.

How-to perform Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage

Step 1

Apply the nügg Face Mask that best suits your skin’s needs. We like to use the nügg Revitalizing Face Mask because the cooling sensation adds a nice effect during the treatment. To start off, slide your fingers from your forehead to your temple and gradually to your neck region. Now move your fingertips under the brow bones and extend towards the temple.

Step 2

Position your fingers on the bridge of your nose, and then start sliding your fingertips from underneath the eyes, and moving up to the ear. Place three of your fingers under the lips, and move them from this position to your chin.

Step 3

Use your thumb and index finger to grab your chin, and then pull the jaw line towards the base of your ear. Following that, slide your fingers from your neck to the collarbones, and gradually move your fingers on the collarbones towards your shoulders.

Incorporate these steps into your routine at least once a week and you will see a great improvement in your skin’s overall look.