Face Mask

Not too long ago, charcoal was the last thing you would associate with beauty; honestly how could something of its nature ever enhance your beauty? But that was before the benefits of activated charcoal were discovered, and now having at least one charcoal skincare product on hand is a must for oily, normal, and acne-prone skin types. So what does charcoal do for your skin?

  • Detoxifies – Charcoal is super absorbent. When used in a natural face mask, it is capable of drawing out bacteria, dirt, impurities, chemicals and other particles to the surface, thereby deep cleansing and thoroughly detoxifying your skin.
  • Purges Pores – All the dirt and impurities that you are exposed to during the day clog up your pores. Activated charcoal, as a cleanser or face mask, will clean out your pores, leaving you with a clean and fresh complexion.
  • Controls Oil – Charcoal based products are a lifesaver for oily skin. Thanks to its absorbing powers, charcoal removes excess oils from the skin, leaving it clean and shine-free.
  • Treats Acne – Charcoal can be used to treat acne prone skin as a whole or as a spot treatment to treat blemishes, acne and soothe the area.

Charcoal is the key ingredient in the nügg Skin Detox Face Mask. Charcoal is 100% natural and extremely effective, which is why it is growing steadily in popularity. If you are looking for a safe and natural method to achieve clean, healthy and radiant skin, look no further, charcoal is the answer- and that is why we use it in our Detox face mask.

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