Face Masks

People tend to neglect their skin in the summer, not because they don’t care about their skin but because it’s simply too hot to put on layer after layer of creams, sunscreens and moisturizers. Add to this the extra sebum your skin produces and you have a mess on your hands. However, summer or not, you cannot deny the fact that your skin needs to be nourished, hydrated and taken care of; so what do you do? Start incorporating face masks into your routine.

The beauty of face masks is that you don’t have to walk around with them on your face the whole day; you can wash them off after the recommended time period and get on with your day. Plus your skin gets all the attention and care it needs and deserves. We have a whole range of over 90% natural, gentle and effective facial masks for all skin types. The nügg Soothing Face Mask for irritated/sensitive skin and sunburns, Anti-Aging Face Mask for maturing skin, Charcoal Detox mask for that much needed skin detox, the Exfoliating mask to get rid of dry and dead skin cells – we have something for everyone.

All you have to do is apply the content of the mask pod on your skin and leave it on for 5- 15 minutes while you just sit back and relax. When time is up, rinse or wipe off the mask and voila, say hello to gorgeous, nourished and radiant skin. Unlike the standard jars and bottles of skincare products, all of this requires is a small face mask pod and you are good to go.

Face masks, by nature, are designed to drive nutrients deep into your skin, thereby making them more effective and skin friendly. Use a nügg facial mask at least twice a week and you will find yourself enjoying a fresh, glowing and clear complexion every day. nügg face masks are formulated with over 90% natural ingredients and uses no parabens, mineral oils, chemical emulsifiers, artificial colors or fragrances, making them great for use for all skin types.

While you may not want to use a heavy hand on your skin during summer, you cannot afford to neglect it either. As you know summer brings its own share of skin problems, so be wise and give your skin all that it needs this summer.