Peel-Off Face Mask

  • The Pore-fect Mask for your Skin Type

    Different people have different skin types, and the skincare issues that come along with those skin types can also differ drastically. Here at nugg know this all too well, and that is why we offer a wide range of face masks to address varied skin problems.  Regular masking is very important to ma... View Post
  • Summer Masking Tips

    We all love summer, but excessive sun exposure and sunscreen can really do a number on the skin. Since our skin’s needs are ever changing, it is essential to have a proper masking routine that is suitable for the summer months. Achieving healthy and glowing skin in the summer is not nearly as com... View Post
  • The nügg Mermaid Marine Peel Off Mask has launched! This peel off mask is a unique formulation of 97% natural or naturally derived Alginate and Sea Silt, both powerful marine ingredients, and purifying Tea Tree Oil. The nügg Mermaid Marine Peel Off Facial Mask promises you an ultra clean, tight ... View Post

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