• Top Beauty Trends Of 2017

    Hello nügg Beauties! Time to check out what the world of fashion and beauty has in store for all of us this year. Will it be glamorous and dazzling or soft and feminine? Let’s find out. Glittery Lips – And dazzling it is! Glitter-dusted lips are your go-to look for a night out this year. Apply... View Post
  • Why We Love Chamomile

    One of the key ingredients of the nügg Soothing Face Mask is Chamomile. A simple pretty white flower, there is more than meets the eye with chamomile. Centuries ago, this dainty flower was used by the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians to treat numerous medical conditions and illnesses. Recen... View Post
  • It’s Monday morning. You wake up early in anticipation for a big presentation later in the day, one that you have been preparing for weeks. You get out of bed, ready to get going and give the day your best shot. You look in the mirror and that’s when you see them – awful puffy eyes! Although you... View Post