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#NEWFROMNUGG: Watermelon & Hyaluronic Acid Sleeping Mask

By nügg Beauty
on February 01, 2019

#NEWFROMNUGG: Watermelon & Hyaluronic Acid Sleeping Mask

Wake up to a day or skin success with a smoother, hydrated and more radiant complexion! 

Our BRAND NEW Watermelon & Hyaluronic Acid Sleep Mask is infused with Watermelon Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Glacial Water-infused Aloe Juice. This lightweight, glow boosting overnight facial will hydrate, refresh, tone, sooth and perfect your skin while you sleep. 

Watermelon Extract promotes cell regeneration, moisturizes and exfoliates the skin, while Hyaluronic Acid enhances the skin's hydration levels while reducing the appearance of fine lines, and glacial water helps to balance a healthy pH by reducing acidity and restoring its natural balance. 

How to use: apply a small amount on a clean face in the evening and gently pat into the skin. Leave on overnight and rinse in the morning. 

Pro Tips: 

*use as a moisturizer in the morning for an ultra hydrated and moisturized base all day long 

*use as the last step of your evening skincare routine to seal your routine into your skin for maximum hydration 



Fall Masking Tips

By nügg Beauty
on September 24, 2018

Fall Masking Tips

Although the weather has been a bit up and down recently, fall is 100% on its way and as temperature’s drop, your skin is going to see some changes. It’s time to add a selection of the best skin care products into your face care kit to help your skin transition into fall. Face masks should be staples in your weekly skin care regime and you should mask at least twice a week as the seasons change.

Skin care in fall should be all about dry skin exfoliation, moisturizing and gentle cleansing. The sudden decrease in humidity makes the air dry and can quickly pull the moisture out of your skin. That gets even worse as indoor heat goes on which causes moisture levels to drop even further. As a result, your skin and lips become dry (even if you don’t immediately notice it) and with that the dewiness and glow of summer quickly disappears. In addition, dry and dead skin cells often pile up during summer, which puts you at risk for breakouts and a tired, dull look.

Using a face mask at least twice a week can help to quickly turn your tired face into a clear and smooth complexion. What your skin needs are the best face masks to give your skin exactly what it needs this season. To help you pick the right masks, here are our must-have masking tips for fall:


1. Boost hydration levels – What you don’t want in fall (or any season) is dry skin because it makes your skin dull, your make-up cakey, and it accelerates your skin’s aging process. Our Deep Hydration Face Mask is the best face mask for dry skin! You will immediately notice an increase of hydration that helps bring your skin to life and the mask will help erase any dry spots or flakes you might have.

One of our favorite tips with this mask is to use it overnight as a deeply hydrating sleep mask. All you have to do is apply mask as you normally would, let it sit for 10 minutes before wiping off the excess product. Leave a thin layer on overnight and let the moisturizing mask do its work while you sleep.



2. Exfoliate twice a week – You NEED to exfoliate your face on a regular basis for a radiant and hydrated complexion and to avoid clogged pores, which can result in unwanted break-outs. Our Exfoliating Face Mask should be a staple in your fall skincare routine as it will exfoliate dry skin bits and flakes away that have built up over the summer and reveal a radiant complexion while helping prevent dirt & bacteria from being trapped in your pores.

3.  Turn towards more gentle cleansers – With colder weather comes dryness, and with dryness can come skin sensitivity, which means you need to be careful when choosing the right cleansing face mask for clear skin. Do NOT pick a mask that claims to shrink your pores but will also strips your skin of moisture to make it feel tight and deprived. Find balance by using a gentle cleanser and gentle face masks. Our Deep Cleansing Face Mask is the best face mask for clear skin when your skin is dry and sensitive. It will give you a deep cleanse while at the same time giving your skin a dose of healthy moisture and soothing benefits.


4. Never forget about your lips! We already know that colder weather results in dry skin, this is the exact same case with the lips so it is crucial to treat your lips accordingly. Our 100% natural, vegan, preservative free and cruelty-free, Exfoliating Lip Smoother is guaranteed to leave you with soft, supple and sexy lips and it is also quite easy to use. Just apply a small amount of scrub on your lips and gently massage it in. When done, wipe off what remains and voila, beautiful lips!

Make sure to get these face masks into your face care kit and you’ll have a healthy and radiant complexion all season long!



Healthy Radiant Skin For Busy Moms

By nügg Beauty
on March 10, 2017

Face Masks

Do you know what the toughest and busiest job in the world is? Motherhood! You wake up early, go to sleep late and even then you don’t sleep peacefully through most nights. You are overworked and stressed out. Between taking care of the kids, household chores, work and trying to maintain some sort of social life, you probably don’t even have the time to take a proper shower, let alone pamper your skin.

Yes, we know how it is to be a busy mom, which is why we have the perfect skincare solution for you – nügg Face Masks. nügg Face Masks are easy to use, convenient and effective. Each facial mask comes in a single serve pod, so all you have to do is apply it generously and wait for 5 to 15 minutes. You can do anything while you wait for the mask to work its magic- you can wash dishes, do the laundry, prepare dinner, or even better – just relax. Once done, you can either wipe it off with a washcloth or rinse it off to reveal beautiful, glowing skin.

Whether your skin is dry, oily, acne prone, sensitive, inflamed, irritated, or aging, we have something for you. We understand skin, its differences and needs, so you are sure to find something for your skin with us.

Facial Mask

The one-use-size pod makes the facial mask easy to apply and convenient. They are also perfect for use when traveling. nügg Face Masks use over 90% natural or naturally derived ingredients making them a safe and healthy way to care for your skin. Our products use no mineral oils, chemical emulsifiers, parabens, synthetic colors or fragrances. We believe in caring for skin naturally because your skin deserves the best.

Dear mothers, we know life isn’t always easy for you, and that you often have to put yourself second or third, but we know you deserve a little break now and then. So take what you can get and wherever possible find and make time for yourself; your family and this world cannot do without you.

nügg Lip Mask For Relief From Dry Lips

By nügg Beauty
on March 04, 2017

Lip Moisturizer

Overly chapped lips troubling you? Has everything you tried failed to provide ongoing relief from dry lips?

Sounds like you need a dose of the nügg All Natural Hydrating Lip Mask. An effective and powerful lip mask from nügg Beauty, this product soothes and hydrates lips leaving you with soft and supple lips with just one use.

As the name suggests, the nügg All Natural Hydrating Lip Mask is 100% natural and vegan; no harsh chemicals, making it safe for use on your lips. Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Irish Moss Extract and Liquorice Root Extract are the active ingredients in this lip moisturizer. An intense hydrating agent, Shea Butter, hydrates and softens lips, while Coconut Oil and Irish Moss Extract nourish and condition your lips. In the meantime, Liquorice Root Extract enhances your lips. The nügg All Natural Hydrating Lip Mask is a proud winner of the Cosmopolitan Best of Beauty award and is also quite popular amongst beauty bloggers & experts; all thanks to the gentle yet effective active ingredients used in its formulation.

Lip MaskThis lip moisturizer uses no mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, synthetic colors or fragrances and is 100% preservative free. The nügg All Natural Hydrating Lip Mask comes in a to-go friendly sphere which has up to 30 uses. This lip moisturizer can be used in multiple ways based on your needs. If your lips are in need of intense hydration, we recommend applying the mask generously and leaving it on overnight. Wipe off in the morning and watch your lips blossom in front of your eyes. The lip mask is also quite useful for priming your lips before lipstick application. Apply the lip moisturizer generously and leave it on for 20 minutes. You can also use it throughout the course of the day when your lips feel in the need of a boost.

Don’t let dry or chapped lips prevent you from wearing those lipsticks you love. Try the nügg All Natural Hydrating Lip Mask and get soft, hydrated lips; we know you won’t regret it.

Get Soft, Beautiful Lips Overnight

By nügg Beauty
on January 27, 2017

Lip Mask

Are chapped lips troubling you? Do you wish you could get rid of this annoying lip problem overnight? Would you like to have soft and smooth lips?

Well, you can – you can get beautiful, hydrated lips overnight with the nügg All Natural Hydrating Lip Mask. All you have to do is apply a thick layer of this lip treatment before you go to sleep and let the mask do it’s magic. A majority of the product will sink into your lips, but if there is any leftover when you wake up in the morning, simply wipe your lips with a tissue to remove.

This proud winner of the Cosmopolitan Best of Beauty award is 100% natural and vegan. The nügg All Natural Hydrating Lip Mask uses powerful and effective natural ingredients that luxuriously hydrate and nourish chapped, dry lips. Our lip treatment is a gentle formulation of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Irish Moss Extract and Liquorice Root Extract. Shea Butter hydrates and softens, Coconut Oil and Irish Moss Extract nourish and condition, while Liquorice Root Extract enhances your lips.

Lip Moisturizer

The nügg All Natural Hydrating Lip Mask is 100% preservative free and uses no mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, synthetic colors or fragrances. All of this is why the nügg All Natural Hydrating Lip Mask is loved by beauty bloggers and editors across the globe. This lip moisturizer comes in a gorgeous gold sphere which will provide you with up to 30 applications. Besides being cute, the container is also perfect for use when on the go. It can also be used to prep lips in the morning before applying lipstick or to give your lips a boost during the day.

If dry chapped lips are making you miserable, all you need is a sphere of nügg All Natural Hydrating Lip Mask. With 100% natural and vegan ingredients, this lip moisturizer is gentle on the lips, while being nourishing and hydrating. Our intensely moisturizing lip mask is all you need to attain the gorgeous soft lips of your dreams.

Top Beauty Trends Of 2017

By nügg Beauty
on January 25, 2017

Face Masks

Hello nügg Beauties! Time to check out what the world of fashion and beauty has in store for all of us this year. Will it be glamorous and dazzling or soft and feminine? Let’s find out.

  1. Glittery Lips – And dazzling it is! Glitter-dusted lips are your go-to look for a night out this year. Apply gloss over your favorite lipstick, pat on some shimmering glitter and you are ready to go. We advise a little restraint though, don’t go overboard with the glitter – all you need is a thin layer to get this look right.
  2. Long Hair – After the year of the asymmetrical bob, long hair is back. From the likes of Kim Kardashian to Beyonce and J-Lo, everyone seems to be sporting long, even waist grazing locks. So how about growing your hair out this year?
  3. Blurred lips – Beautifully defined lips are lovely but how about something a little less put together? It is time to let go of your perfect lips and embrace the messiness and freedom that is a blurred lip. Softly smudge the edges, add a little extra color to the centre of your lips and you have the perfect blurred lip.
  4. Shine All the Way – It is the age of gloss! Lip gloss, eye gloss and now face gloss. Add some shine to your cheekbones and even collarbones for a youthful, fresh look. Our Revitalizing Face Mask is perfect for achieving a glowing complexion without the help of makeup.
  5. Blunt Cuts – Does it seem like all models are sporting single length haircuts? They sure are for blunt cuts are the hot favorite of hairstylists simply because of how shockingly simple and minimalistic they are.
  6. Hydrated, Dewy Skin – This is one trend that will never go out of style- beautiful, hydrated skin. Everyone dreams of attaining healthy& hydrated skin and it is absolutely possible this year with face masks from nügg Beauty. Our range of natural facial masks are specifically formulated to meet the demands of different skin types while being intensely hydrating and nourishing. We promise you fresh glowing skin with regular use. Beautiful skin is something everyone should aim for this year because there is no better beauty accessory than healthy radiant skin.

Why We Love Chamomile

By nügg Beauty
on January 24, 2017

Face Mask

One of the key ingredients of the nügg Soothing Face Mask is Chamomile. A simple pretty white flower, there is more than meets the eye with chamomile. Centuries ago, this dainty flower was used by the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians to treat numerous medical conditions and illnesses. Recent studies indicate that chamomile is also an effective and powerful skin agent with numerous skin friendly properties. Let us take a look at how chamomile extract helps the skin.

  • Soothe Inflammation – Chamomile is anti-inflammatory in nature, making it perfect for soothing inflammation and infections.
  • Heal Skin – Chamomile is capable of disinfecting and healing minor skin wounds. Its mild nature makes it wonderful for use on facial skin.
  • Treat Acne – Chamomile’s antioxidant properties makes it effective in treating acne, breakouts and rashes. Research also indicates that it is effective in preventing acne scars.
  • Fight Free Radicals – Being rich in antioxidants, chamomile is effective in fighting free radicals present in the body that damage skin cells. Free radicals are also known to accelerate the aging process, hence this little flower can also help slow down skin aging.
  • Moisturize – Chamomile is capable of moisturizing, toning and cleaning skin. It works from within to replenish moisture in the skin.
  • Improves Effectiveness of Other Skincare Products – Chamomile is capable of preparing your skin so that other skincare products can penetrate your skin better and work more effectively.

In addition to all this, chamomile has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. Chamomile’s skin-friendly properties is why we use it in our Soothing facial mask. The presence of this soothing herb allows the face mask to calm troubled and sensitive skin.

Depuff Puffy Eyes With Nügg Eye Mask

By nügg Beauty
on January 23, 2017

Eye Mask

It’s Monday morning. You wake up early in anticipation for a big presentation later in the day, one that you have been preparing for weeks. You get out of bed, ready to get going and give the day your best shot. You look in the mirror and that’s when you see them – awful puffy eyes! Although you’re fully prepped for the day, you look tired and drained – definitely not the look you had in mind for the presentation. What do you do?

Just pull out a pack of nügg Depuff and Hydrating Eye Mask. The nügg eye mask helps depuff, hydrate, nourish, soothe and refresh tired puffy eyes. Puffy eyes occur for various reasons – bouts of tears, excessive stress, lack of sleep, genetics, bad diets, hangovers, changing weather conditions being the common ones.

Our eye mask uses 93% natural or naturally- derived ingredients including Caffeine, Hesperidin, Bisabolol and Vitamin B5. Together these ingredients work to give your eyes the soothing it requires to attain equilibrium no matter what the reason for the occurrence.

How To Depuff Eyesnügg Depuff and Hydrating Eye Mask comes in a pack of 6 single dose eye masks. The eye mask comes packaged in clever (if we may say so ourselves) little single use sticks that ensures the product stays fresh and free of contaminants. This also makes them perfect for use when on the go. The nügg Eye Mask uses absolutely no mineral oil, parabens, chemical emulsifiers, synthetic colors or fragrances. Our eye mask is gentle and non- drying, making it great for all skin types and under all weather conditions.

When needed, just pull out one stick and two eye pads from the kit. Apply the content of the stick under both eyes, moisten the eye pads with a little water and place them under each eye over the mask. Leave them on for 20 minutes or more. Once you take the eye pads off, you can either massage anything that remains into your skin or wipe it off with a wash cloth. If you would like to increase the cooling sensation, just place the stick and eye pads in the fridge before application.

Thanks to the nügg Depuff and Hydrating Eye Mask, you can kiss your puffy eyed morning goodbye.

Invigorating Dull Winter Skin

By nügg Beauty
on January 18, 2017

Facial Mask

Winter inevitably takes a toll on all skin types. The cold temperatures really suck the life out of your skin leaving it undernourished, lifeless and dull. No one likes having dry and lackluster skin, so come winter people try numerous new creams, treatments, anything that will provide relief. Unfortunately finding a product that helps to both brighten and hydrate your complexion during the winter months isn’t always so easy.

What dry winter skin really needs is products that are both effective, yet gentle and the natural nügg Exfoliating Face Mask and Revitalizing Face Mask is just that making them perfect for bringing back life to such skin.

  • Natural Face Masknügg Exfoliating Face Mask – No matter what the time of the year, your skin will have stubborn dry and dead skin cells hanging around, more so in fact during the winters. nügg Exfoliating facial mask works with your skin to gently eliminate all the dead skin cells and reveal the fresh youthful skin underneath, while at the same time replenishing your skin with much needed moisture. So not only is your skin exfoliated, it is also given nourishment; which makes this facial mask the best exfoliator and a must-have skincare product for the winter months.
  • nügg Revitalizing Face Mask – Wouldn’t you just love to give your skin an energy boost during the winter? Our Revitalizing facial mask gives you just that. This award winning facial mask that includes Peppermint Oil and Flaxseed Oil cools and invigorates skin on application, thereby jolting tired and dull skin to life.

nügg Face Masks are made of up to 90% natural or naturally derived ingredients with no mineral oils, parabens, chemical emulsifiers, synthetic colors or fragrances being used in our formulations. Our Exfoliating and Revitalizing face masks promise to relieve, rejuvenate and nourish dry winter skin. We highly recommend keeping them handy this winter.

Taking Care Of Oily And Combination Skin

By nügg Beauty
on January 17, 2017

Hydrating Face Mask

Oily and combination skin are probably two of the toughest skin types to maintain. With your skin’s tendency to overproduce sebum, striking the perfect balance between oil-free and moisturized is not easy. Too much moisture and you end up with an oily face, while too little moisture leaves you with undernourished skin; but attaining a balance is not impossible either- which is where nügg Face Masks come in. Our range of masks includes 4 facial masks that are perfect for balancing oily and combination skin as well as promotes a healthy and blemish free complexion.

  • nügg Charcoal Skin Detox Face Mask – Oily or combination skin is almost always in need of a good detox. With a gentle mud-meets-gel texture, this face mask uses powerful ingredients that draws out impurities, controls shine& eliminates acne. Unlike many detoxifying masks, this mask also helps to soothe and thoroughly cleanse the skin while not drying it out. Formulated with 97% natural or naturally derived ingredients, namely Black Charcoal, Kaolin Clay, Oatmeal, Zinc, Aloe Juice and Tea Tree Oil, this is probably one of the best face mask to detoxify oily and combination skin.
  • nügg Exfoliating Face Mask – Regular exfoliation is vital for clean and healthy skin. Our natural Exfoliating face mask filled with the goodness of Cranberry Seed Oil, Natural L-Lactic Acid, Jojoba Beads and Aloe Juice, gently eradicate dry and dead cells, leaving you with soft, smooth and radiant skin. Using this mask at least once a week will help to prevent oil from being trapped in your pores.
  • nügg Soothing Face Mask – This mask works great to soothe, balance and hydrate troubled skin. With active ingredients like Chamomile Extract and Shea Butter, our soothing mask provides relief from skin issues that are commonly associated with oily and combination skin such as redness and flaking.
  • Best Face Masknügg Deep Hydration Face Mask – Oily or not, all skin types need to be replenished with adequate hydration. Oily skin types often stay away from hydrating products but often times your skin overproduces oil to make up for the lack of moisture in your skin. Finding a good balance of shine-free & moisturized is key and this mask can get you there. Our hydrating face mask intensely moisturizes the skin and pumps life back into it, leaving you with highly nourished skin. This hydrating face mask is made with 94% natural or naturally derived ingredients including Camellia Seed Oil, Spirulina Extract and Aloe Juice.

Oily and combination skin can be troublesome, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. With the right skincare regime and skincare products you too can have a healthy, calm and clear complexion.

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#NEWFROMNUGG: Watermelon & Hyaluronic Acid Sleeping Mask

#NEWFROMNUGG: Watermelon & Hyaluronic Acid Sleeping Mask

February 01, 2019

Wake up to a day or skin success with a smoother, hydrated and more radiant complexion!  Our BRAND NEW Watermelon...

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