Lip Scrub

  • Winter is still going in full force! These frosty days and nights will definitely have you looking for dry skin relief. Exposure to extreme temperature causes water in the skins surface to evaporate, causing damage to the barrier function of the skin. Do not let dry skin and chapped lips stand a ... View Post
  • Beauty bloggers love the new nügg All Natural Exfoliating Lip Scrub and Smoother. Just check out the videos posted by 3 highly influential beauty bloggers and makeup artists Denise Gevaras @makeupbydenise, Foinika Kay @exteriorglam and Caroline Presson @cpresso. All 3 blogger features clearly sh... View Post
  • Did you know that your lips are covered by a very thin layer of skin? Just by feeling them, you can understand that this is true. But did you also know that unlike the skin on your face & body, your lips don’t have any sebaceous glands to keep them moisturized? Now add to this the fact that ... View Post

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