Dry Skin

  • Did you know Thanksgiving is National Eat a Cranberry Day? Feed your face with our 93% natural Exfoliating Face Mask - formulated with cranberry seed oil! Who should exfoliate, you may ask? Just about everyone! For anyone prone to acne and clogged pores, exfoliation should consistently be includ... View Post
  • Did you know that dry skin and dehydrated skin are two different conditions? Surprised? Dry skin and dehydrated skin are often considered synonymous, when in actuality, they are a little different. Dry skin is essentially a result of your skin producing insufficient sebum or oil. The lack of seb... View Post
  • Having dry skin is not a pleasant feeling. Your skin feels itchy, dry and irritated a majority of the time. You moisturize, you hydrate, you do everything you can think of but it only lasts for so long. It’s no secret that dry skin needs moisture, lots and lots of it. It also needs to be exfolia... View Post

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