Face Mask

How many times have you opened a tub of skincare and thought that it’s going to go bad before you finish it all? How often have you dipped your finger cautiously in a tub of face cream trying to and praying that you don’t contaminate it? Too often is our guess, because most cosmetics come in large tubs, tubes or bottles meant for multiple uses. Although it makes sense for products you use twice daily, the same doesn’t always work for products such as face masks which you use occasionally to target specific skin concerns. So how can this be resolved? Quite easily actually with nügg Beauty’s single serve pods!

Our single serve pods contain just enough product for one time use and keep the formula fresh & effective up until use. This helps to prevent bacterial contamination by regular use as well as prevents the product from oxidizing over time. They are also perfect for use when you are on the move; you will no longer have to tote your heavy bag of cosmetics wherever you go.

We, at nügg Beauty, swear by convenience which is why all our face masks come in single serve pods. They are efficient, quick and mess free, what’s not to love!

Our single serve pods are also great for adjusting to your skin’s ever-changing mood. Just like juice cleanses can be switched around to address specific health issues, you can mix and match the different nügg “flavors” to target your skin’s currently needs. For example, if you are using a moisturizing mask like the nügg Hydrating Face Mask, but would also like something to treat signs of aging, you can switch to our Anti-Aging facial mask, without any worries of wasting product or the formula going bad.