We all love summer, but excessive sun exposure and sunscreen can really do a number on the skin. Since our skin’s needs are ever changing, it is essential to have a proper masking routine that is suitable for the summer months. Achieving healthy and glowing skin in the summer is not nearly as complicated as you would expect, and here at nügg Beauty we have you covered. Simply follow these summer masking tips and you will be a glowing beach bunny all summer long!

Tip #1:  Avoid pore clogging and break-outs from excess summer sebum, dead skin and sunscreen built-up with our Exfoliating Face Mask. We also recommend using this mask as a prep step prior to self-tanning to create a smooth canvas for a more even, prettier tan. ($3.99 for a single pod/ $17.99 for a 5 pack).


Tip #2: Quench your sun kissed skin’s thirst by using our Hydrating Face Mask at least once a week. Sun, water and wind draw moisture from your skin so this is essential to avoid skin de-hydration that leads to dullness and premature aging. For an extra kick of cooling refreshment, put the mask in the fridge before use.  


Tip #3: Keep your skin clean and unclog your pores from all that sunscreen and excess oil with our Charcoal Skin Detox Mask. It will help with a matte yet lush summer look as it reduces excess sebum while soothing your skin.


Tip #4: Refine, refresh and reinvigorate your skin with our new Tea Tree and Sea Silt Peel-off Mask. This mask leaves your skin super smooth and is so refreshingly cooling that you will want to use it ever summer day!  


Our little nüggets of goodness are gentle yet effective enough to keep your skin feeling summertime fine all season long!