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We all LOVE summer, but excessive sun exposure and sunscreen use can really do a number on the skin. Since our skin's needs are constantly evolving, it is super important to have a masking routine that is gentle yet effective enough for the summer months. Achieving healthy and glowing skin in the summer is not nearly as complicated as you would expect, and our natural face masks, and vegan lip treatments have got your covered! Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, combo skin, tired skin, or all of the above, our summer masking picks are sure to give you that beach bunny glow all season long!


If there is one skincare rule in summer next to SPF, it's HYDRATE! We all know the importance of drinking enough water to keep our bodies hydrated from the inside, but what about hydrating from the outside? Our skin craves hydration just like the rest of our body and in the summer things like: chlorine, air conditioning and sun exposure actively deplete the skin of the hydration and moisture it desperately needs. That is where our best face masks for dry and dehydrated skin come into play!


                                                    Aqua Boost 

They say 'good things come in small packages', that could not be more true for our Allure Best of Beauty award winning face mask, Aqua Boost. Our 94% natural Aqua Boost Face Mask intensely moisturizes the skin in just 10 minutes! Ingredients like Camellia Seed Oil and Spirulina Extract work together to supplement the skin's lipid barrier to help it retain moisture. You can even use a thin layer of Aqua Boost as a makeup primer, for plump and hydrated skin all day long. 



                                                Total Refresh 

This mask is much, much cooler than your other masks. Our 95% natural & Allure Best of Beauty award winning mask is powered by Peppermint and Flaxseed Oil, our Total Refresh Face Mask helps brighten the look of dull, tired and sun exposed skin, for a reinvigorated complexion, no caffeine required! 



                                           Watermelon Sleep Mask

Summer days are great, but we really live for those long summer nights. Our 96% natural Watermelon and Hyaluronic Acid Face and Sleep Mask hydrates, tones, soothes and refreshes the skin so you can wake up fresh and radiant, no matter what you did the night before! Hero ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Watermelon Extract, and Glacier water infused aloe juice work to boost the skins hydration levels, while providing a gorgeous summer glow that will make you say "I woke up like this" and mean it!


PRO TIP: Put Aqua Boost, Total Refresh, and our Watermelon Sleep Mask in the refrigerator 30 minutes prior to use for an extra cooling effect with added anti-inflammatory benefits!



Greasy summer skin is one of the only things we don't like about summer. Constantly reaching for blotting papers, reapplying makeup, and constant break-outs are a quick way to kill any summer vibe! As the temperature goes up, our bodies naturally produce sweat to keep us cool (thanks body!). The more active our sweat glands are, the more active our sebum glands are, which ultimately results in more oil production, hence the non-stop breakouts and oil slick on the skin. Incorporating a gentle skin detox into your summer skincare routine is essential to fight back against excess sebum production. 


                                                 Miracle Mud Mask 

We believe in summer miracles, and this miracle worker fights off blemishes and shine from excess sebum as the temperatures go up. Our all natural and vegan Miracle Mud Mask is packed with skin-loving ingredients like: Kaolin Clay, Charcoal, Zinc, Vitamin C and Lactic Acid that help draw out dirt, oil and impurities, leaving your pores looking refined, and your skin looking instantly brighter and mattified. #ISSAMIRACLE 

PRO TIP: Apply as a spot or t-zone treatment prior to makeup application for a mattified look. 



Just like our skin, our lips have the potential to become extra dry and flakey over the summer months due to lack of hydration, sun exposure (lips need SPF too!) and one too many skinny margaritas! Hydrate and exfoliate your lips in one easy step with our all natural and vegan Lip Crush lip scrub. 


                                                       Lip Crush 

Even your lips need some summer loving, and our lip treatments give a whole new meeting to the term 'sun-kissed'.This all natural and vegan lip scrub will nourish and buff away flakes and dryness while doubling as a balm for soft and smooth lips.The luxuriously smooth formula includes Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Wax and sugar granules for a gently yet effective exfoliating treatment that can be used daily. 

PRO TIP: Prep your lips with Lip Crush prior to any lipstick application for a long lasting and comfortable finish! 




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