Face Masks

Have you been hearing a lot about masking? Would you like to give it a try but not sure where to start? There is, after all, a lot to choose from. There are face masks for everything – cleansing, exfoliating, hydration, detoxing and more; it can be quite overwhelming.

But you shouldn’t let that stop you from giving facial masks a try; let us help you. Try one of our 4 day multi-masking sets. Each set is specially put together with a specific skin type or issue in mind, so each set has all the masks your skin type needs to stay clear, healthy and beautiful. Plus it is now easier for you to choose what is best for you, or rather for your skin.

  • If you have sensitive or troubled skin – Our 4 Day Comfort Boost Set with 1 Deep Cleansing Face Mask and 3 Soothing face masks will hydrate and soothe your skin, providing relief and balance.
  • If you have dry skin – Our 4 Day Moisture Boost Set with 2 Hydrating Face masks, 1 Exfoliating face mask and 1 Soothing face mask will intensely hydrate, nourish and soothe your skin so that it is dewy, soft and smooth.
  • If you have dull or tired skin – Our 4 Day Radiance Boost Set with 1 Exfoliating facial mask, 2 Revitalizing face masks and 1 Hydrating Facial mask will invigorate, nourish and energize your skin so that you have a refreshed and glowing complexion.
  • If you have mature or aging skin – Our 4 Day Youth Boost Set with 1 Exfoliating face mask, 1 Revitalizing facial mask and 2 Anti- aging face masks will tighten your skin and neutralize free radicals so that your skin looks youthful and energized.

Each 4 day treatment set comes with easy to follow instructions so that there is no confusion and things are easy for you. nügg Face Masks are gentle, yet effective and are formulated using over 93% natural or naturally derived ingredients. We understand skin which is why our products are formulated to work with your skin, not against it. In the same manner, our treatment sets are designed to give your skin the nourishment and care it needs so that you can have healthy and happy skin always.

Start masking! Try one of the 4 day treatment sets and watch your skin transform and glow.