Facial Mask

You spring clean your house, your wardrobe, even your car, probably every place that you can think of; it just comes naturally this time of the year. But what about your face? Have you ever given your face a thorough cleansing? Don’t you think it needs one after all the dirt, grime and chemicals it is exposed to on a daily basis? If you haven’t done so yet, now is a good time to start; it’s never too late to get in the habit of taking care of your skin.

So then, where do you begin? How do you spring clean your skin? With the nügg Deep Cleansing Face Mask! A unique formulation of Jojoba Oil, Cucumber Extract and Aloe Juice, this mask cleanses your skin inside out making it ultra clean and shine free. So if you want to spring clean your skin, this is what you need.

Face MaskThe nügg Deep Cleansing Face Mask deep cleanses and regulates shine while keeping your skin hydrated and calm. It is a gentle facial mask that uses 98% natural or naturally derived ingredients and includes no mineral oils, chemical emulsifiers, parabens or synthetic colors or fragrances. Unlike most other cleansing masks and products that strip your skin of all moisture and natural oils, nügg Deep Cleansing Facial Mask is gentle and restores moisture to the skin. When you wash off the mask, your skin will not feel stripped and dry, instead it will feel clean, nourished and healthy. Our products work with your skin and not against it. The mask comes in single serving pods which ensure that the formula stays fresh and effective at all times. All of this is why the nügg Deep Cleansing Facial Mask is a 3 time winner of the Allure Best of Beauty award.

To use, just apply the entire content of one pod generously to your face and leave it on for 5-1 5 minutes. When done, wipe off with a washcloth or wash it off. Use the mask at least twice a week for oily, combination and normal skin. Dry skin types should use the mask once a week.

Just like your house, your skin could also do with a thorough cleaning once in a while. You don’t even have to go to a spa for this; you can spring clean your face right at home. All you need is a pod of the nügg Deep Cleansing Face Mask.