Social Responsibility During The Holidays

The holiday season often places too much focus on consumerism, as opposed to spreading support and positivity to those near and far. Although we are a young company, giving back to the community has always been incredibly important to us from day one. No matter what the future may hold or how much we grow, this will always ring true as one of our core beliefs. As a company run by women, one of our primary focuses is female equality & empowerment.

Our promise is to always treat people with kindness, to do business in a kind way and give back to people who are in need. We believe in working hard and being humble, while exercising social responsibility in all that we do.

We have committed to donating a minimum of 1% of our profits or 2.5% of our web sales (whichever number is higher) to causes we believe in such as:

Cancer and careers

Support for people with cancer who are trying to manage their cancer and their career

 Long Island Harvest 

Long Island's largest hunger relief organization

She Can

An organization that identifies high-potential, low-income female students with top academic rankings from Cambodia and Rwanda for scholarships

Girls on The Run 

A non-profit organization that focuses on the development of young girls

How are you giving back to your community this year? We encourage you to look for any and all opportunities to make positive impacts on society and the environment. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen or animal shelter. Sign up for a highway clean up. Donate old clothes and blankets to a homeless shelter. There are countless ways to leave your mark - after all, the greatest gift is to give back!

Wishing all of our supporters health and happiness during the holiday season!

nügg Beauty Team