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Air travel can often result in great discomfort for many travelers, and even frequent travelers feel exhausted after a long flight. Airplane refrigeration and air conditioning can result in dry skin issues due to the low humidity conditions at high altitudes, which could drop up to 2% humidity.

Extreme low humidity levels cannot only dehydrate the skin, but also cause redness and irritation. Therefore, it is necessary to take a few measures to keep your skin damage to a minimum while traveling. nügg offers a wide range of face masks for rehydrating and cleansing, which are must-have skincare items to have in your luggage during your flight.

nügg Skincare Products

Our skin is one of the most sensitive parts of our body, and is constantly subjected to a lot of damage naturally. nügg offers a wide range of products that address different skin types and issues, so that you can make sure your skin is always healthy and radiant. Our facial masks are produced from over 90% natural or naturally derived ingredients and are free of mineral oil, parabens, synthetic colors and fragrances. Our single serve face mask pods are lightweight and small, making it easy for you to carry around, even when on a flight.

Don’t forget this

The most important thing to do to keep your skin hydrated is to drink a lot of water. This will help keep you and your skin hydrated throughout the journey. So, make sure you have a large bottle of water in your carry-on before boarding the plane.

Pre-Flight Skin Care

Before boarding the flight, make sure you prepare your skin for the trip. Start by applying the nügg Hydrating Face Mask. The nügg Hydrating mask contains Spirulina Extracts and Camellia Seed oil which hydrate your skin by infusing it with moisture, keeping your skin feeling soft & supple until you reach your destination.

Skin Care During Flight

When removing the mask, we recommend keeping a thin layer of the mask on to keep your skin moisturized and protected while you are on the flight. It’s best to avoid make-up during flight to keep the skin clean and avoid the caked on foundation look. Also, there is a high chance of your skin being affected by germs from airport or from the plane, so keep your hands away from your face to prevent breakouts.

After Travel Skin Care

We recommend using nügg Deep Cleansing Face Mask after a long, exhausting flight. This mask uses Cucumber and Witch Hazel Extracts to gently clean your skin and give it a fresh, shine-free look. The next thing to do is to hydrate your skin with the face mask that suits your skin type. Out of our 3 face masks, you can choose the nügg Hydrating Face Mask if you have a dry skin. Go for the Soothing face mask if your skin is sensitive and try the Revitalizing face mask, made of flaxseed and peppermint oil, if you have a dull or tired looking complexion.

Our face masks are made to protect your skin in the best possible way. Having them in your luggage will not add any extra weight to your bag, but will surely be a great savior for your skin issues during your travels.

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