Face Mask

There are numerous skin products available on the market that claim to help you prevent all types of skin breakouts. However, topical treatments are not always the entire solution to getting rid of spots and acne.

Breakouts can be a sign of internal issues and it can be stopped only by clearing the underlying problem. An example can be the hormonal acne that is caused due to imbalance of body hormones at teenage, which can be controlled by balancing the body hormones.

Breakouts On Different Areas Of The Face And Their Meaning

Some of the alternative medicine practices say that where your breakouts are forming can give clues about your internal health. This practice is called Face Mapping and uses the location of skin breakouts to diagnose internal problems. Face Mapping divides breakouts on the face into eight different zones:

Forehead: Breakouts relate to digestion problems due to lack of water and presence of toxins. The simple solution to counter that is to drink lot of water and stay away from junk food.

T-Zone: As most people have combination skin, theirT-Zone usually remains oily, making it more acne and breakout prone. As our noseis connected to the liver, acne at T-Zone could signify liver dysfunction. Putting a check on your alcohol intake and greasy food diet can help here.

Around the eyes: Acne around the eyes is connected to the health of kidneys. Even dark circles around the eyes show that your kidney is not working properly or that you are not drinking enough water. Staying hydrated is the simplest way to counter that.

Upper cheeks: Breakouts on the upper cheeks are related to the lungs.Quit smoking and avoid acidic foods to fight back. However, external factors like the presence of bacteria on cell phone surface or pillow cover can also lead to skin breakouts on the upper cheeks. Adding some green veggies and wheatgrass juice in your diet could help.

Lower cheeks: Poor dental hygiene is usually attributed to skin breakouts in the lower cheek area. The solution is to brush and floss regularly and to avoid sweet foods and drinks.

Nose: Acne on the nose is linked to heart, where bulbous or swelled nose signifies increased blood pressure. The best counter-measure would be is to modify your diet. Reduce salt, avoid energy drinks, and include more fruits and vegetables in your daily routine.

Chin: Chin breakouts are linked to intestinal issues, especially the small intestine. Here too, a modest diet change can be a life savior. Avoid oily foods and dairy products, increase your fiber intake, and drink herbal tea to boost up the digestion process.

Ears: Skin issues at the ears are also linked to kidneys, and breakouts at ears can signal dehydration. As said earlier, the solution here is to drink more water and stay hydrated, but make sure you stay away from aerated drinks, coffee, and alcohol.

Face Mask For Dry Skin

Combating Breakouts Externally

Of course, taking care of your skin from the outside is just as important. We recommend using the nügg Deep Cleansing Face Mask to rid the skin of excess sebum and ultimately keep the skin balanced and clear. The gel formula of the Deep Cleansing face mask will never dry out your skin and leave it stripped.

The jojoba oil and cucumber extract in the nügg face mask provide a deep pore cleanse, while the Aloe juice helps to hydrate and balance out your skin. Our Deep Cleansing face mask is made with 98% naturally derived ingredients.

If you have oily skin, you can use the nügg Deep Cleansing Face Mask up to twice a day. nügg Deep Cleansing Face Mask is a great supplement to anyone’s skincare routine and perfectly helps to keep your skin balanced, remove excess sebum, and to maintain an overall clean look and feel.