Don’t you just hate it when your face looks like an oil-slick, especially in the summer? When you have to keep reaching into your handbag to get out the blotting sheets to dull down shine? And what about the zits and whiteheads that keep showing up? Greasy summer skin is one of the few things we do NOT like about summer! That’s why we are all about taking extra good care of our skin to avoid that yucky oil slick on our faces.

Here are our top 3 do's and don'ts to fight greasiness and get rid of that oil slick that all the heat and humidity out there are causing!

TOP 3 DO's:

  1. Remove excess oil with our charcoal or deep cleansing face masks. In the summertime, we mask every evening and sometimes in the mornings too (you can easily spread one mask out to two uses by using a thick layer on your oily areas in the evening, taping the pod shut and storing it in the fridge, and using the rest on your T-Zone in the morning). If you have oily, combination and acne-prone skin that is not overly sensitive, we recommend our charcoal face masks. If your skin is sensitive and usually on the dry side with oiliness just showing up in select areas of your face, our deep cleansing face mask (the green one) is the right choice for you.
  2. Exfoliate once a week with a gentle exfoliator to unclog your pores from the accumulated dirt and dead skin cells. Use an exfoliator that does NOT impair your skin barrier function. Ours is perfect as it is gentle yet effective, and it also soothes your skin! Empowered by our Natural Oil Dispersion technology, it is also formulated without chemical emulsifiers which is very important because chemical emulsifiers impact your natural skin barrier function, thus increasing skin issues problems over time.
  3. Scale back on pore-clogging makeup and invest in good skincare instead!

During the summertime, excessive use of makeup can worsen your problems with oiliness and clogged pores. Thus, less is more in the summer month and the way to do that is great skin care and regular masking with “good-for-you” masks like ours.


  1. Do NOT use masks and cleansers that are heavy on unwanted bad alcohols. Do NOT go for products that have Ethyl Alcohol or Alcohol Denat high up in their ingredient lists! While they give you some instant grease reduction gratification, they are proven to be damaging to your skin (harming your protective barrier function, triggering damage from free radicals and irritating your skin). Our alcohol free peel-off masks and equally satisfying and effective for taming oil in the summer.
  2. Do NOT skip the sunscreen. While you might feel that you are adding to the problem when applying sunscreen, sunscreen is a MUST to protect your skin from short and long-term damage. Look for lighter, gel based versions if you feel that yours is too heavy for your skin.


  1. Do NOT go to bed without thoroughly cleansing your skin in the evening. And do it with gentle, natural cleansers that don't harm your skin barrier function. Go for double cleansing by following your regular cleansing with a gentle cleanser with our deep cleansing face mask for a deeper cleanse and a boost of soothing Aloe.


Here’s to a fabulous #shinefreesummer!