We all can feel stressed out quite frequently and it’s important to find ways that will make you feel relaxed and calm in such situations. Beauty blogger, Laura of My Newest Addiction, shares a few simple and quick tips to ease off from our day-to-day stress. Here are the five tips recommended by Laura:

  1. Drink Some Tea

Make a cup of tea and sit quietly while you drink and enjoy it. The warmth and scent of the tea will bring on a soothing feeling, lifting away some of that stress and make you feel relaxed.

  1. Read A Book

Pick a random book or any of your favorite books. Reading a random chapter from a book will deviate your mind from stress and make you feel content.

  1. Get Physical

Another effective way to remove your stress is by physically moving your body. Try yoga, running, stretching, hitting a punching bag, or even just a brisk walk to eliminate your stress.

  1. Make Lists

Experts say that making lists about your ‘stress points’ will ease off your worries. So, make list of things you are worried about and try to transfer them from your mind in an organized manner.

  1. Take Care Of Your Skin

Taking care of your skin by implementing necessary skincare techniques can amazingly minimize your stress. Laura recommends going for one of the Multi-Masking sets by nügg. Her favorite is the set that is designed to target dull skin.

Face Mask For Dry Skin

nügg Multi-Masking Set For Dull Skin

nügg offers a wide collection of exceptional face masks, packaged inside individual pods to maintain their freshness, which also makes them convenient to carry, use and dispose.

The nügg Multi-Masking Set for Dull Skin contains two Exfoliating Face Mask pods to slough away dry skin cells, and two Revitalizing Face Mask pods to help give the skin a dewy glow. To help target tired eyes, the Depuff Eye Mask is also included in the set. With 6 single-dose stick packs and 12 under eye pads, this  eye mask can help to improve the appearance of tired under eyes by de-puffing and hydrating the skin. As all the mask required to address your skincare concerns are included in the nügg Multi-Masking set, the ease of use will allow you to kick back and relax while the masks do their job to revive your complexion.