Our Depuff Eye Mask is the perfect way to prep your skin for makeup in the morning! Beauty Blogger Nicole Concilio recently shared on her YouTube Channel about why she thinks our eye mask should be an essential in your routine for a refreshed look. 

Eye Mask

There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning to puffy, tired under eyes. When more sleep is out of the question, a quick treatment to give you a refreshed look is just what you need. nügg Beauty offers a de-puffing gel eye mask that contains caffeine and other nutrients to help revive your tired eyes in just 20 minutes! nügg Depuff Eye Mask pack contains 6 travel-friendly mask sticks and 6 sets of eye pads that help to push the treatment further into the skin for maximum results.

Popular beauty blogger, Nicole Concilio, recommends using the nügg Depuff Eye Mask in the morning before makeup application. She calls the product “a life saver” for her frequently puffy under eyes. In her YouTube video, “How I Prep My Skin Before Makeup”, Nicole highlights how much she loves nügg products, and suggests using our eye mask first thing after cleansing to give your skin the wakeup call it needs. While she lets the mask sit and perform it’s magic, she applies her other skincare products such as toner and moisturizer.  She says that the masks smells amazing and has a relaxing and cooling effect. Nicole loves the moisturizing properties of the mask and loves how it keeps her looking healthy and fresh throughout the day.

Check out Nicole’s video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnKE1Y0cyfM and hear more about why nügg’s eye mask is a beauty blogger’s go-to for prepping your skin before makeup.