Lip Masks

With Kylie Jenner’s highly sought after Lip Kit and Colour Pop’s endless array of color options, there is no doubt that matte liquid lipsticks are the hottest trend amongst makeup enthusiasts and beauty bloggers at the moment. These lipsticks are long lasting and very easy to apply. Just one swipe across the lips and you can forget about it for the whole day, no reapplication needed.

Of course, the long wearing aspect of these lipsticks means that they are seriously drying and harsh on the lips. As per the words of the beauty blogger Shae Enstad, the day after applying matte liquid lipsticks is THE worst. Your lips may hurt and become chapped; and you will need to apply something to soothe and hydrate them.

nügg Lip Masks

On her YouTube channel, ThatGirlShaeXo, Shae recommends using the nügg Intense Lip Boosting Mask to prep your lips for matte liquid lipstick. You will need a smooth, hydrated base so that the lipstick glides on seamlessly and our lip mask does the trick. There is no wonder she refers to the lip mask as a lifesaver, as Shae has been using our Lip Mask to help restore her lips when she films her live lip swatching videos.

Matte lipsticks, though beautiful and on-trend, can make your lips dry and chapped which is never in style. Take care of your lips properly with our Intense Lip Boosting mask so that you can continue rocking this hot trend with a healthy, moisturized pout!

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