Hydrating Face Mask

“On your wedding day you should look like yourself at your most beautiful.” – Bobbi Brown

It goes without saying that women aspire to look their best on their wedding day. Love for your soon-to-be husband and hope for a new and beautiful life ahead make you shine and glow like never before from the very bottom of your soul. Of course, the bridal makeup also helps.

Like you plan and prepare your wedding, you also need to plan and prep your skin so that it is at its best and you can look your best at the wedding. All the makeup in the world can help only so much if your skin is dull, tired or covered with blemishes. So how can you prepare your skin for your wedding? With the nügg Exfoliating and Hydrating Face Mask.

The nügg Exfoliating Face Mask will eliminate all the dead and dry skin cells on your face and bring the new skin cells to the surface, giving you fresh, smooth and clear skin, while the nügg Hydrating Face Mask will intensely hydrate your skin and eliminate dry spots, leaving you with a healthy and radiant complexion. Use these masks at least twice a week in the time leading up to the wedding and you can be sure that you will look absolutely radiant on your wedding day. We also recommend using both masks on the morning of your wedding for flawless and glowing skin. With clean and healthy skin, you will be sure to turn heads!

Lip Mask

And how can we forget your lips? Don’t you want soft and kissable lips for your big day? We have something to do just that for your lips- the nügg All Natural Hydrating Lip Mask. 100% natural, vegan and luxuriously hydrating, we promise you soft, smooth and kissable lips all day through. Use it frequently in the days leading to your wedding and as an overnight treatment on the night before the wedding. You will wake up with soft, smooth and beautiful lips – lips that your love won’t be able to keep his eyes off.

That’s not all nügg can help you with. Don’t you need to gift your lovely bridesmaids’ – something thoughtful? How about you gift them gorgeous and healthy skin? We have a whole range of face masks that you can choose from-

Your bridesmaids’ will love it.

Look your best on your wedding day and make it one that no one will ever forget.