Best Face Mask

Finishing a workout feels amazing – minus the fact that your skin is sticky and you’re dripping sweat. The bad news is that letting sweat sit on your skin can lead to some pesky skin problems. This is because sweat carries the grime and dirt built up on your pores and if it is allowed to sit on your skin, the dirt will settle back to your skin and can lead to irritation and breakouts. Jumping in the shower and giving your skin a good cleanse immediately after your sweat session is important in order to prevent all that sweat from doing any damage.

nügg You might be familiar with the importance of having a proper post workout skin routine, but only a few know that sometimes your cleanser just doesn’t cut it. We recommend using the nügg Deep Cleansing face mask to help balance your skin and remove excess sebum and dirt. After you cleanse your skin, apply the mask for 5-10 minutes while you moisturize your body or dry your hair. The single-use pod makes the mask super easy to bring with you to the gym so be sure to keep a couple in your gym bag at all times.

The jojoba oil, cucumber extract, and Aloe juice in the nügg Deep Cleansing face mask not only cleanse your skin perfectly, but also hydrate and moisturize it. This nügg face mask will leave your skin clean, soft and with a silky-matte finish. Our Deep Cleansing face mask can be used on any skin type and it is a must-have in your post-workout skin care routine.