Face Masks

Are you planning on having a night out with the girls? So what’s it going to be this time? How about a spa night? Between work and everything else that is going on in your life, we are pretty sure that you could use a night of pampering.

The thing about having spa night though is that it can often turn out to be more trouble and money than you want it to be; what with having to make DIY face masks (messy, messy, messy!) with ingredients that are often not as cheap or easily available as they are made out to be. Yes, spa night can be a lot more trouble than it’s worth, after all, what you really want on a girls’ night is to relax, have fun, and catch up over a glass of wine and a chick flick.

Natural Face Masks

So here is what we recommend – spa night with nügg face masks. Easy to use, budget friendly and using over 90% natural or naturally derived ingredients, nügg natural face masks can make spa nights a lot more fun& easy. All you have to do is apply the face mask to the skin and let it sit while you do whatever you like with the mask on. They’re comfortable to wear and, unlike sheet masks, they aren’t slipping and sliding everywhere. Rinse or wipe off the mask after 10-15 minutes for glowing and nourished skin. Feel free to apply another mask afterwards for a multi-masking experience.

Skin types differ which is why we have something for every skin type, which means you don’t have to put together different DIY masks or be satisfied with one jar of product for all. Formulated with over 90% natural or naturally derived ingredients and no parabens, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances or colors, nügg face masks are a natural and healthy means to the skin of your dreams. Our natural face masks are gentle, yet effective.

Ready for a night of pampering, friends and fun? Plan with your girlfriends and order your set of gg natural face masks.