Face Masks

Did you know that oily surfaces like your skin can carry as much as over 500 million bacteria per square inch? Yikes! Sounds pretty disgusting, doesn’t it? Everyone knows that oily surfaces are breeding grounds for bacteria but over 500 million?! Funny enough, if you ball up all of that bacteria, it would only amount to the size of a pea. Yes, that is really what is happening on your skin and yes, it is terrifying.

Before you go scrubbing all of that bacteria off of your face, hear us out. That bacteria on your face isn’t as bad for you as you think. Believe it or not, your skin actually needs the bacteria; a certain level of bacteria is important for your skin to function optimally and to stay healthy. It is when the balance of good and bad bacteria is disturbed that your skin becomes infected or breaks out.

Skin is naturally bestowed with the ability to maintain balance and keep the growth of bacteria in check. Unfortunately harsh environmental conditions, aggressive skincare products and pollution can lead your skin to lose the ability to do so, causing bacteria to grow unchecked, which, of course, leads to problems that we are all well aware of such as blemishes & acne.

Natural Face Masks

So what can you do to ensure that balance is maintained on your skin? First off, avoid harsh skincare products that will strip your skin off its natural oils, tear, damage or irritate your skin. Use gentle and natural products like face masks from nügg Beauty. The next step is to ensure that you exfoliate to help your skin get rid of the excess bacteria using a gentle exfoliator like the nügg Exfoliating Face Mask.

Exfoliation will help your skin get rid of the dead and dry skin cells and allow you to clean out the bacteria that may be trapped in your pores. Gentle exfoliating face masks like the nügg Exfoliating Face Mask will keep your skin hydrated, nourished and smooth without the use of harsh chemicals or microbeads, leaving you with happy and well cared for skin.

There are good bacteria and bad ones. Don’t let the fear that all bacteria are bad drive you to kill your skin slowly. Use gentle skincare products like nügg Face Masks. Establish a healthy skin care routine and you will also have soft, beautiful and glowing skin.