Facial Masks

Do you know why our customers love our products? Because nügg Beauty products are effective, natural and does all that they promise.

The market is flooded with skincare products, new and old alike, all promising to give you beautiful skin in days, some in weeks. Some products work, some don’t. Some produce results but are so harsh on the skin that in the long run, they are actually doing more harm than good for your complexion and skin barrier. They are loaded with harmful chemicals, chemical emulsifiers, parabens – all that we know today are linked to bigger problems in the future.

nügg facial masks, on the other hand, use over 90% natural or naturally derived ingredients. Our products use no mineral oil, chemical emulsifiers, parabens, synthetic colors or fragrances. Our active ingredients are chosen with great care and effort. Each ingredient is selected for its unique qualities and they improve your skin’s barrier, instead of tearing it down.

nügg facial masks are even developed with the utmost care and with the best interests of your skin in mind. We use Natural Oil Dispersion Technology to create natural face masks that are powerful yet gentle, yielding results while keeping your skin barrier intact and strengthening it.

Natural Face Masks

Thanks to this technology, we don’t have to rely on chemical emulsifiers to keep our solutions together. Plus the extremely small oil-in-water particles generated by this process are capable of penetrating the skin deeper and with better efficiency. In addition to all of this, the single serve pods ensure that each facial mask stays fresh, effective and uncontaminated up until use.

Pollutants, toxins, free radicals, dirt – your skin is subject to a lot on a daily basis. After all that, it doesn’t need more chemicals and contaminants that will break it down further; what your skin needs is nourishment, reinforcement and TLC. At nügg Beauty, we care about your skin and our products are formulated with love to improve your complexion and strengthen your skin.