Face Mask

Tip #1: Hot weather causes the skin to produce more sebum than usual, causing an oily, shiny look especially on your forehead. The nügg Beauty Mermaid & the nügg Charcoal Face Masks are must-have summer masks because they:

  1. Cleanse pores to help prevent breakouts
  2. Contain Tea Tree Oil to cool down the skin which helps reduce sebum flow for a shine-free look.


Facial Masks

Tip #2: Dry skin types should never be without hydration, also during the humid summer months and should use nügg’s hydration mask at least twice a week. But hydration is key during the summer months also for all other skin types because sun, heat, wind and salt water draw essential moisture from the skin. Regular use of the nügg Beauty Hydrating Face Mask will ensure that the skin is well moisturized and nourished and that skin improves its ability to retain moisture. Ongoing intense hydration is one of the top anti-aging tips and essential to retain a youthful look, no matter what season it is.


Natural Face Mask

Tip #3: After a long day in the sun, you have to give your skin what it needs to recover. With increased sun and heat exposure, the skin can become irritated, sensitive and unbalanced, not to mention sunburn and its very negative short and long-term effects on the skin. Exposure to sun, heat and wind also dehydrates the skin even if you don’t always notice it. After a day in the sun, make sure to treat your skin with the nügg Soothing face mask to help restore and nourish the skin while reducing the appearance of redness and providing a boost of hydration. For an extra cooling effect, place the mask in the fridge before use which will make it extra refreshing


Best Face Mask

Tip #4: Exfoliating your skin regularly throughout summer is key to remove dead skin cell as well as excess oil that can become clogged in your pores, causing bacteria and breakouts. Where many physical scrubs can be harsh and feel as though they are stripping the skin, the nügg Beauty Exfoliating mask contains natural L-Lactic Acid and Jojoba Beads to gently exfoliate while at the same time nourishing your skin so that it never feels raw or stripped.


Face Masks

Tip #5: Summer time is travel time! Masking before and after a flight is a must-have skin care step because the dry air on planes takes a toll on your skin, resulting in a dry, dull and tired complexion. For pre-flight masking, we recommend applying our hydrating mask and only removing the excess with a damp washcloth to leave a layer of hydration protection on your skin. For post-flight masking, the use of the nügg Exfoliating face mask followed by the nügg Hydrating, Soothing or Revitalizing face masks is a must.


All of nügg Beauty’s pod face masks are super TSA-friendly which means they are perfect to store in a carry-on for a spa treatment while traveling. Store the masks in the mini-fridge at your hotel. The cooling sensation will feel super refreshing after a day in the sun.