Facial Mask

No New Year celebration would be complete without making a resolution or two. People resolve to exercise more, read more, spend more time with their family, eat healthy and more. It isn’t too hard to choose a resolution to make every year, now whether you keep them or not, well, that’s a different matter all together.

Now we have a question – how many of you nügg Beauties made skincare resolutions this year? Not many we guess. You will be surprised at how few people even think about skincare come New Year, especially considering how meticulous most are about their skin and appearance throughout the year. Well it is high time you include taking care of your skin in your New Year’s resolutions list because your skin deserves it. Here are some ideas to get you started and we highly recommend you stick to them through this year to maintain beautiful healthy skin.

  1. Remove Your Makeup and Wash Your Face Every Night – No matter how late or tired you are, it is imperative that you go to bed with your face clean. Sleeping regularly with your makeup on can lead to blocked pores, breakouts, rough and dull skin, bacterial build-up, resulting in damaged skin. Your skin needs to breathe during the night to heal and replenish after the stress of the day.
  2. Face MasksWash Your Makeup Brushes Regularly – With daily use, makeup brushes are soon overflowing with bacteria, and you don’t need us to tell you what bacterial build-up in your brushes can do to your skin. Wash your makeup brushes frequently to keep them clean and bacteria free so that your skin can stay breakout and blemish free.
  3. Mask Twice A Week – If you desire radiant beautiful skin, we highly recommend including masking in your skincare regime. Facial masks like the nügg Face Masks can hydrate and replenish your skin, while improving its texture and complexion. nügg Face Masks are over 90% natural and work great on all skin types. Mask at least twice a week and enjoy soft and supple skin.
  4. Stop Popping Zits – We know how oddly satisfying it feels when you pop a pimple (no one has figured out why yet), but that momentary feeling of pleasure comes at a great cost. You risk scarring your face and causing further inflammation with that pop. So do yourself a favor and resist that strong urge to burst that pimple this year. Your reward will be clean and clear skin.

What skincare resolutions will you be making this year?