nügg Face Masks

2017 is finally here and with it brings new promises, hopes and dreams, a chance to start over and make this year better than the last. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget New Year resolutions; they are of course a New Year tradition, whether you keep them or not. New Year, new things, new beginnings.

This year, we, at nügg Beauty, have something new to share with all of you beauty lovers- a brand new face mask coming out this January.

It’s a surprise so we can’t really tell you much, but we can tell you this- it will be amazing. Our new mask is 97% natural and is meant for normal, oily and combination skin types. Like all our other face masks, this one will also come in our trademark single serve pods.

Excited? We sure are and we can’t wait to launch it. Stay tuned to find out more about our newest launch!