Natural Face Masks

Summer is ending and many people are going back to school, winding down from the busy travel season, or simply getting back into their normal daily routines. September is a great time to hit refresh and get your life organized & back in order after the summer.

You might have enjoyed soaking up the sun this summer, however, long exposure to the sun can make your skin stressed out, dry and damaged. Most of us pay less attention to our skin during summertime due to many factors such as the heat or busy schedules, but now that the season is coming to an end and it is time to give your skin care routine a revamp.

Hit The Refresh Button

Skin problems can be greatly minimized by incorporating nügg face masks into your skin care routine. You can enjoy the amazing benefits of nügg masks in just a 5-15 minute session. These mini-facial sessions with nügg will not only help to eliminate your existing skin problems, but also give your skin the protection and nourishment it needs to prevent future damage.

Moisturizing Face MaskYou can also easily customize nügg masks based on your skincare requirements. Our single-serve pods are easy to mix and match to exactly what your skin is craving, whether it be hydration, a good cleanse or exfoliation.The smooth gel formula of nügg face masks makes it easy to apply and wear at your own convenience. Be it in the morning as you drink your coffee or in the evening while catching up on the latest Netflix series, you can apply nügg face masks on your skin whenever you please, and reap flawless benefits in minutes.

Unlike some masks that slip and slide around on the face, you do not have to lie still when wearing a nügg face mask. All nügg masks will stay put on your skin until you rinse it off, thus enabling you to freely move around while letting the mask nourish your skin.

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