Best Face Mask

The face masks from nügg are made using an innovative technology called Natural Oil Dispersion Technology. The technology makes use of physical properties to bind oil and water which eliminates the need for chemical emulsifiers and also results in very small particles that can deliver powerful actives and natural oils to the skin more effectively.

Usually, chemical surfactants or emulsifiers are used in beauty products to mix oil and water. As we all know, oil and water do not usually mix at normal conditions, so these emulsifiers are used to bind them together to form a stable emulsion. However, over time chemical emulsifiers can weaken the natural skin barrier function, as they affect the lipid structure in your skin. A weakened skin barrier function is often the culprit behind skin issues like irritation, dehydration, dryness, redness, premature aging, and many more. In addition, such skin damage can lower protection from allergens which is negatively affecting your skin.

Natural Face Masks

This is where the significance of the use of the Natural Oil Dispersion Technology in nügg Face Masks comes in. The technology uses a high shear, high pressure process through which the size of the oil particles is made very small and the surface energy of the oil particles is changed, allowing for a stable oil-in-water emulsion without the need for chemical emulsifiers. This allows nügg Beauty to offer effective, yet gentle skin care products that nourish the skin while at the same time protecting and enhancing the natural skin barrier function.

This breakthrough technology paired with high quality ingredients and practical single serve pods that protect the product from oxidation makes nügg Face Masks a must-have for all who care for their skin.