Facial Mask

Many women have an idea in their head of what they believe a face mask should feel like, how often they should use one, and what the results will be. With all of the new face masks coming to the market, it’s time to break down some of these beliefs because they are quite often myths. Here are a handful of myths of masking which we are here to debunk.

Masking Myth 1: Masks should dry down on the skin

For many women, clay masks were the only type of facial mask out there when we were younger so to use a face mask that doesn’t dry down on the skin feels a bit funny. However, a face mask does NOT need to dry down on the skin in order to do it’s job and gel face masks do not but stay moist all along your masking experience. nügg Face Masks have a pleasant gel texture and are made with an aloe juice base. This allows for the mask to be highly nourishing on the skin and will never dry your skin or leave your skin with that undesirable tight feeling after removing which is particularly important if you have normal, dry and sensitive skin.

Also, if you do use clay masks or sheet masks that dry on your skin, beware of NEVER letting it sit on your face when it is dried because once they are fully dry, valuable moisture actually gets pulled out of your skin.

Masking Myth 2: All masks do the same thing

In addition to thinking masks should dry down on the skin, many believe that masks are strictly for skin that is experiencing breakouts. In reality there are different face masks to address all sorts of skin types and issues. Whatever “mood” your skin may be in, the right face mask can work wonders in addressing it. Each nügg face mask pod is meant to address a different issue which makes it easy for you to mix and match to your skin’s ever-changing skin concerns (Want to find out which face masks is right for you? Click here). May you have dry skin or aging skin, dull skin or oily skin, stressed skin or accumulated dead skin cells, there is a nügg face mask that is just right for you!

Masking Myth 3: Masking is more of a treat than it is a truly effective skin treatment

Best Face Mask

When people think of masking, many think of it more as a nice pampering experience than a highly effective skincare treatment. Although it is true that using a face mask is a wonderful way to relax and relieve stress, incorporating facial masks into your weekly or even daily regime is an excellent way to address specific skin concerns and to keep your complexion glowing and your skin healthy. For example, if you face dry skin issues or dry patches, the nügg 4 day skin treatment regimes is an effective and easy to integrate remedy, if your skin looks dull or tired, our exfoliating face mask and revitalizing face mask are the right match, and if you have oily or acne-prone skin, you should use our deep cleansing face mask every night and our soothing face mask once to twice a week.

Masking Myth 4: Masking is inconvenient, time consuming& only for the weekends

Using a face mask doesn’t need to be a time consuming project. Unlike some masks, nügg face masks are easy to apply and wear at your own convenience. Whether it’s while you enjoy your coffee in the morning or in the evening while catching up on your favorite TV series, or working away on your computer, you can wear a nügg face mask whenever you please, and reap flawless benefits in just 5 to 15 minutes. The gel formula will stay in place until you rinse off and won’t become tight and uncomfortable! Work a face mask into your routine at least twice a week and you will see a major improvement in your skin’s overall health and appearance.

Masking Myth 5: Just a thin layer is enough for full performance of the mask

Although the amount of product in nügg face mask pods seems generous for one use, we assure you it’s for a reason! In order to get the most out to our face mask, we recommend that you use the entire content of one pod for one use. This is because masks are meant to be applied in a thick layer because that thick gel layer forms a barrier on your skin that helps drive the ingredients into your skin. So applying the entire content of a pod will give you the best results.