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Why does it always seem that you end up with a hangover on the days where you need to be somewhere for something important? Whether it’s work or an event, we have all been in a position before where we need to hide the fact that we spent the night drinking and only had three hours of sleep. It is easy to sound the part, but no acting skills in the world are going to help you hide the fact that you look a bit off.

A late night can manifest in many different ways on the skin. It can show up as dry and puffy eyes or it can be an overly visible oil slick right across the T-zone. Overall, a hangover is going to leave your skin looking as dull and tired as you feel. Our quick and easy cure for what we like to call “hungover skin” is the Multi-Masking  Set for Hungover Skin.

Multi-Masking Set from nügg to Refresh Hungover Skin

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This multi-masking set from nügg is specially designed to improve hungover and tired looking skin. It is a great way to refresh your skin after a long night. The nügg multi-masking set contains:

All of the masks included in this multi-masking set are made from over 90% natural ingredients and do not contain parabens, mineral oil, or synthetic colors or fragrances.